Royal Enfield Fans Reply To Bajaj’s ‘Haathi Mat Paalo’ Advertisement


The keyboard war between Royal Enfield aficionados and the non-fans has filled several social networks and forums over the years. The war is now extending to YouTube as the new Bajaj Dominar commercial did not go down too well among Royal Enfield fans.


Bajaj Dominar’s recently launched commercial, titled ‘Haathi Mat Paalo’ took an indirect dig at Royal Enfield motorcycles. The commercial shows men wearing aviators and open faced helmets riding on elephants, marching together, when they’re overtaken the Bajaj Dominar. The advertisement obviously wasn’t appreciated by Royal Enfield fans and they decided to give a reply themselves. While the fan-made video does not take a dig at the Dominar, it does cast the thumper as a ride for the royals. Check it out below:

The video by Royal Enfield fans, posted on YouTube channel Moviez Pix, captures Royal Enfield motorcycles riding off the tarmac, through rough terrains with minimal trouble. The video ends with the caption, “Ride Like A King”. Will we see the non thumper fans will retaliate? We’ve already tossed the pop-corn into the oven and waiting for a hilarious reply.


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    RE is on the market because it does have competition and it has a cult following. similar example is Apple iPhone. if Harley Davidson starts selling the range of 1.5-2 lakhs, it will massacre the elephant herd. Owner of RE thunderbird.