2017 Ford Super Duty: The Most Stupendous Heavy-Duty Pickup

The new 2017 Ford Super Duty heavy duty pick up truck engine and tech specifications, image gallery, features and all the details

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Sedans would simply break when it comes to hauling and towing jobs which require some real muscle and power. Nothing, and quite nothing, can replace a heavy duty pickup if you’re going to be hauling heavy equipment and using your machine for industrial or farm related activities in a hardcore way. If you need a vehicle capable of packing a little extra punch, then you’re going to need a Ute pickup truck.

Modern heavy-duty pickup trucks aren’t just designed to haul as much equipment as possible, they’re also intended to offer comfortable and engaging experience on the road. It’s not surprising that they’re so appealing, when you consider the fact that the pickup truck customer segment is one of the most demanding that the auto industry has to deal with.


While there are numerous incredible pick-ups available today, the ultimate winner in the one-ton heavy duty category has to be the new 2017 Ford Super Duty F-350. Though it only comes out slightly ahead of some of the other major players on the market, like the GMC Sierra 3500, for instance, its new range of exceptional technology and performance factors makes it the best solution for hauling champions today.

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The All-New 2017 Ford Super Duty

The latest Ford Super Duty is a huge improvement on the older model, which was impressive as standard. Unlike the previous model, the F-350 doesn’t give you any discomfort when you’re riding over tough terrain, and it doesn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable to drive either. The smoother handling ensures that it can be enjoyed with a completely relaxing hauling experience, regardless of the terrain you tackle for your next ride.

The Super Duty F-350 combines a stunning exterior design with impeccable durability and reliability. It’s the most capable heavy-duty vehicle ever sold by Ford, with a huge maximum payload, and 5th wheel gooseneck towing available. On top of that, if you need a little extra protection for your equipment, the Ford Super Duty is perfect for enhancement with CV Solutions Ute canopies, and other custom fit-outs, meaning that you can design the Ute that works best for your business.


The new Super Duty sports the new Ford truck architecture, which combines a high-strength steel chassis with an all-new aluminium body. Although the truck itself is brand-new, the engine is a little older, in the form of a carryover turbo-diesel V8 6.7 litre device. The good news, is that it delivers impeccable drive power, including 440HP, and truly unbeatable 925 foot-pounds (1254Nm) of torque. On top of that, it all comes packed with an automatic, 6-speed transmission.

In a League of its Own

The Ford Super Duty F-350 is a big truck – and it’s big because Ford know exactly what their hauling customers are looking for. The old Super Duty was a little temperamental and difficult to drive, but this one has removed all the previous problems, delivering brand new technology and useful new features intended to make your journeys more engaging.


Although the aluminium construction was probably intended to help cut down on the overall weight of the truck, the Ute actually measures in at about 8,060 pounds (3655kg), which means that they’ve instantly built the vehicle back up again with new suspension and axle components. In the Denali luxury trim, you can benefit from a range of extra features to improve your Ford package, including heated and cooled leather seats, rear parking sensors, and touchscreen navigation. That means all you need to have a truly incredible pickup, is a canopy, and a sense of adventure.


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