VIDEO: New Bajaj Dominar commercial takes a veiled dig at Royal Enfield

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It starts with a few unkempt men wearing aviators and open faced helmets, straddling something really slow moving. Against the background noise of some thump, which sounds more like a diesel powered generator at an Indian wedding, their heavily tattooed arms try to manoeuvre not some badass motorcycles, but a herd of Elephants! However, this isn’t a documentary for those remaining few in the West, who think that Indians still commute on these gentle giants. This is a commercial for the Bajaj Dominar, the most modern and powerful Indian made motorcycle till date.


Funnily, when the voice in the commercial talks about sticking together through ups and downs and marching as one, the camera cuts to the lead Elephant who pulls the one behind with its tail tied to the trunk. Festooned with Ladakhi prayer flags, the herd struggles to make a climb or stick to a cornering line. The generator noise then makes way for some new age music as three Dominar riders swiftly make it up to the hill and through the Elephants’ legs. A male voice then cuts through to convey the whole point of the exercise. It will be interesting to see how Royal Enfield replies to this veiled dig. Oh and Bajaj says that no animals were harmed during the filming of this advertisement.


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