Ronax 500 pricing and delivery time officially announced

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Ronax 500 2 stroke motorcycle

The extent of coverage we brought you on the Ronax 500cc 2 stroke motorcycle would have acquainted you with every little detail about the bike- except the official price of course- so here it is. The Ronax 500 2 stroke official pricing has been set at 100,000 Euros. Sound’s shocking- well there’s more.

Ronax 500 2 stroke motorcycle (2)

Ronax 500 2 stroke motorcycle (1)

The declared numbers are only the base prices- and then there are extra’s such as Value added tax at the rate of 19% and doesn’t include shipping charges. Also Ronax would happily welcome you to their Dresden facilities for a personal handover if you wish to. Ronax is also offering to choose the production number of the motorcycle as long as the number is available.

Ronax 500 2 stroke motorcycle (6)

Ronax 500 2 stroke motorcycle (3)

Ronax would initiate production only on 30% advance payment plus tax and signing of a purchase contract. Despite the stratospheric price, the motorcycle won’t be available before 6 months- which is the estimated manufacturing period of the Ronax 500. Just having the money doesn’t help you see- there’s a lot of patience involved too.

Ronax 500 2 stroke motorcycle (5)

Ronax 500 2 stroke motorcycle (4)

But then all this looks worth the pain and penny. Performance two stroke motorcycles are glorious stories of the past and something that’s equal to those feral MotoGP machines of yesteryear makes the wait even more worthwhile.


Engine2-Stroke, 4 Cylinders, 80 Degree V-Engine, Two Counter-Rotating Crank Shafts
Engine BodyAluminium, Milled
Cubic Capacity499ccm
Performance160 Hp At 11500 Rpm
Fuel SupplyMap-Controlled Fuel Injection. Two Different Mappings: Sport And Rain
IgnitionMap-Controlled Cdi Unit
StarterElectronic Starter
ExaustFour Tuned Pipes, Steel
Transmission6 Gear Cassette Gearbox
ClutchMulti-Disc Clutch In Oil Bath
SecondaryDrive Chain
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