Video: Go-kart with headlamps goes for a drive around town

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A Go-kart gives you the closest experience of driving a single-seater race car. Inches away from the ground, your feet stretch out, as you hold that wheel and try to control the slide on your way out of a corner. Most of our cities do have a karting track so we can experience such thrills, although their number is fast dwindling. If you have ever tried your hands at karting, especially as a part of a group of friends, there is always one guy, who will sow some seed of imagination. He will ask you to think about the possibilities, if you could take those karts on open streets. He will even go to the extent of imagining, what will the traffic cop’s face look like, when he stops you in one, and he will continue imagining, adding various accessories to it, like a horn, some lights and a music system and the world.

Now, someone heard your friend and thought, what an amazing idea! A man added some headlights to his go-kart and decided to drive it around town, in the middle of the night. With a little push from his friend, he takes the kart on the freeway, overtakes trucks, cars and just about everything else. Some of you must’ve watched this video as it is quite old, however, there is no such rule which says, you can’t eat fish twice. Some of us could be vegetarians, who don’t even know what a fish is.

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