Range Rover Evoque bumps into its Chinese ripoff, the Landwind X7, quite literally

A Range Rover Evoque dashed into its evil twin from China, the Jiangling Landwind X7 in the city of Chonqing.


RR Evoque and Jiangling Landwind X7 accident (1)

Talk about “accidentally” meeting your doppelganger! The notoriously famous Landwind X7 from China based Jiangling Motor company finally met its twin, the Range Rover Evoque, though in a rather unforeseen circumstance. Reports suggest that a Jiangling Landwind X7 and a Range Rover Evoque brushed against each other in the city of Chongqing, China.

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It is believed that the driver of the Landwind X7 was at fault and hence, would have to bear the repair costs of both the vehicles, according to the police officials. Luckily, it was only the two vehicles that suffered some minor damages and not its occupants.

Evoque vs Landwind

The Landwind X7 came in news after the Indian owned British marquee filed an copyright infringement case against the Chinese automobile manufacturer. Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) had filed a case in the Beijing court on an earlier occasion as well but the court declared both the company’s (JLR and Jiangling) patents as invalid.

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While the Range Rover Evoque is available in the country for a price tag starting at 448,000 yuan ($68,000) while the Jiangling owned Landwind X7 is available at a fraction of its cost, 129,000 yuan ($19,600) to be precise. What are your views on this incident? Co-incidence much? Let us know what you feel through the comments section below.

Following is an image gallery of the incident:

RR Evoque and Jiangling Landwind X7 accident (4)
RR Evoque and Jiangling Landwind X7 accident (3)
RR Evoque and Jiangling Landwind X7 accident (2)
RR Evoque and Jiangling Landwind X7 accident (1)

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