A Maruti Baleno rear ends a VW Jetta, and the images of the aftermath are shocking!

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Maruti Baleno - Volkswagen Jetta Crash - 2

Maruti’s newest hatchback, the Baleno ran into a Volkswagen Jetta and suffered severe deformity on the front fascia. The German sedan, on the other hand, besides a damaged rear bumber, went almost unscathed. The unfortunate incident took place in Perumbavoor, Kerala when the driver of the Jetta stepped hard on the brake paddle to avoid a collision with a motorcycle that took an abrupt turn without indication. The Baleno, probably driving close to the Jetta, could not stop in time as it rammed into the German sedan.

The impact was such that it caused the airbags of the Baleno to deploy. The passengers, however, walked out without a scratch as the crumple zone absorbed the force of the impact while the safety net, which includes ABS and airbags as standard across the range, even in the base trim, saved the occupants from any further injury.

Maruti Baleno - Volkswagen Jetta Crash - 1

The Volkswagen Jetta, on the other hand, was almost unaffected and the rear bumper took most of the impact. Even the boot door was miraculously saved from any damage. We are still having a difficult time in figuring out how did the Jetta manage to walk away from the crash almost unscathed. Seriously, are the Germans using some Wakanda sourced Vibranium to build their cars?

Surprisingly, the chap who posted the images on Facebook is the Assistant Sales Manager at Volkswagen – that’s what his profile mentions. That’s also one of the reasons why we are holding our horses and not making any comments about the Baleno’s build quality. What do you have to say about this Baleno – Jetta crash? Share your views with us through the comments section below.

Images courtesy: Sreejith Naduvilpatt

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  • Harshad says:

    Bro, i’ve seen an ertiga’s *ahem* ‘crumple zone’ get crumpled n the activa tht did this walk away unscathed!!

  • anon says:

    it is obvious from IIHS and Euro-CAP that Baleno structural safety is poor compared to German cars like Vento…in the name of FE, Maruti has used poor material quality in the presumption that Indian buyers are more FE conscious than safety conscious. Forget Maruti, all international auto Cos. manufacturing in India are adding extra safety packages for their export models typical example being Renault Kwid for Brazil has added 130kg weight after reinforced front crumble zone for Latin NCAP testings!!!
    Sad days for Indian motorists! left to die at mangled at slow speeds
    wake up, plz

  • Aakash says:

    I still don’t think that the baleno ramped into that car. The impact more looks like it has hit some light post or iron railing. This news i found to be fake. Because there is no way that one car get so much damage and other is nearly spotless.
    Misleading people with the news

  • Kira says:

    Jetta costs more than twice the amount of Baleno. All that extra cost means sturdier materials used in Jetta. None of the passengers unharmed shows Baleno is safer too.

  • ishan says:

    Hmm, that’s why it scored a miserable 3stars in eu ncap and the Jetta 5?