Pirelli Calendar 2013: More art than steam

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Pirelli Calendar 2013-4

We’re certain that none amongst us would have ever seen a Pirelli Calendar in flesh, but then it’s no secret the arousal it brings to the male senses when just thought about. Gorgeous women in scanty outfits or none at all were portrayed in the effort to bring glory to a female body. Not sure if the efforts with these intentions were a success and the following for the calendar took a different purpose altogether.

Pirelli Calendar 2013-3

It’s the 40th anniversary of the Calendar, and Pirelli has taken a completely diverse path this time. Gone are the sizzling bare-bodies augmenting the already escalating global warming, and what you see now is a rich play of colours set amidst abstract backgrounds.

Steve McCurry

Pirelli hired ace photojournalist Steve McCurry (remember the famous Afghan Girl?) to do the honours with backdrops featuring different locations in Rio De Janero (Brazilian capital) ranging from slums to graffiti draped streets. With supermodels like Adriana Lima and Petra Němcová featuring on the list, the calendar retains the glamour quotient albeit on a different perspective.

Pirelli Calendar 2013-1

We’d say a very good move and the pictures look beautifully alive. After all in this age of internet, stripped versions of the fairer sex posing everywhere are common and easy to find. With someone like Steve behind the lens and all proceeds accrued from the Pirelli Calendar 2013 going to charity, it’s certainly a welcome change.

Pirelli Calendar 2013-2

Image Source: SteveMcCurry.com

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