Much Dzire-d Cruise Through The Southern Coastline

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The new Maruti Suzuki Dzire has become the highest selling and the most popular car in India. A landmark moment in the automotive scheme of things that not only reflects the overall shift in our buying preferences but is also an indicator of our mindset, which now seeks indulgence along with the intense progress we make, both individual and collective. How intense is this wave? Such has been the reception of the all-new Maruti Suzuki Dzire, it has become the fastest car ever to cross the 1 lakh sales mark, managing to find that many owners within the shortest recorded time since launch!

To celebrate this landmark achievement, two all-new Dzires started their journey from Kanyakumari – the southernmost tip of the country, where the cars forked out to leave their tread marks on the vast stretches of exotic sand and surf, on the eastern and western coast respectively.


The Dzire that covered the west coast rolled from Kanyakumari to Daman in Gujarat, whereas, the one headed east ran parallel to the Bay of Bengal till Puri in Orissa. Both cars embarked upon a 12-day long journey to cover a decent amount of distance every day. They had plenty of leisure time to explore, experience and capture the essence of the places they visited. Here’s how their journey unfolded.

Leg 1

Eastbound Dzire: Kanyakumari to Rameswaram via Tirunelveli – Vember

Starting off from a unique destination where the sun rises and goes down in the same waters, the Dzire headed towards Rameswaram. On the way, the team covering the first leg of this journey witnessed the majestic Courtallam waterfalls, the Nellaiappar Temple and the pristine sands of Vember beach. Once in Rameswaram, hunger pangs were satiated by delicious and elaborate South-Indian platters, which are mostly vegetarian, but also include unique sea fare like the Cuttle Fish, Crabmeat and Baby Octopus. Rameswaram is renowned for its quality of silk, which gets draped around women the world over in the form of some of the most remarkable sarees. As seashells are found in abundance, they’re artistically transformed into fashionable accessories, along with pearl ornaments and Khadi.

Westbound Dzire: Kanyakumari to Kochi via Thiruvananthapuram – Alappuzha

The westbound car started off from Kanyakumari too, known for the popular ‘Kathakali’ dance form, freshly caught sea fare, traditional sarees and artefacts. On the way towards Kochi, the team cossetted inside the feature-rich cabin of the all-new Maruti Suzuki Dzire crossed the spotless sands of Sangutharai beach – the cleanest in India. Further up, the westbound Dzire crossed the Poovar Island and the Neyyar Dam & Sanctuary in Thiruvananthapuram, also known for its vegetarian delicacies called Thoran and Kalaan. The car and its crew came across the oldest lighthouse in God’s own country at Alappuzha, where one can shop for dried varieties of fish, seashell articles, and coir products at the famous Mullakal Street, or watch the unique Snake boat race at the backwaters. Finally, once the all-new Dzire made its way to Kochi, it blended right in with the Chinese fishing nets, the age-old Fort, the aroma of spices, freshly made Appams, fish delicacies, the glistening lights at Marine Drive and the modern grandeur of Lulu mall (Among the largest malls in Asia).


Leg 2

Eastbound Dzire: Rameswaram to Puducherry via Kumbakonam – Cuddalore

With a fresh crew piloting the new Dzire, it made its way to a town where a lot of French influence still roams the streets – Puducherry. Along the way, the Dzire collected age-old sights of the Kumbakonam and Airavatesvara Temple while running along the Thiruchopuram and Silver beach in Cuddalore. The crew experienced Puducherry’s unique cuisine, which still has plenty of French influence that is evident when one bites into the tastefully created baguettes, croissants and stuffed cabbages. If in the mood for collectables, you may carry back ceramic ornaments, incense and scented candles, handmade art & craft, hammocks, and eco-friendly articles created from locally available plants.

Westbound Dzire: Kochi to Mangalore via Kozhikode – Kannur

Still being driven in God’s own country, the westbound Dzire was wound up to travel till Mangalore via the tranquil backwaters of Kozhikode and the pretty looking lighthouse at Thikkoti. On its way, it would cross the blue waters at Ezhimala beach and the famous Paythal Mala trekking trail in Kannur. A journey which is a foodie’s delight, the crew dug in the famous Malabar fare in Kozhikode and the PaladaPayassum in Kannur, before wrapping things up on a sweet note with the parfait ice-cream in Mangalore. For the shopping enthusiast, Kozhikode is famous for its buffalo horn carvings, rosewood handicrafts and miniature souvenirs. Kannur is filled with the fragrance of fresh spices, while one can take back fresh coffee, quality cashews, traditional Konkani jewellery and neatly crafted cotton sarees from Mangalore.

Leg 3

Eastbound Dzire: Puducherry to Chennai via Kalpakkam – Mahabalipuram

After soaking in the views of the Old Light House and the French Memorial, the Dzire ran along the coast towards the megapolis of Chennai. On its way there, it crossed natural and historic landmarks like the Kalpakkam Beach, Sadras Dutch Fort, the Mahabalipuram beach and the enchanting Krishna Butter Ball. Still recharging their batteries on a delectable South Indian fare, the all-new Dzire’s AGS technology helped the crew negotiate the chaotic city traffic in Chennai as they made their way to the famous Marina Beach and the Connemara Public Library.

Westbound Dzire: Mangalore to Goa via Udipi – Murudeshwar

From the watchtower of Tipu Sultan in Mangalore, the westbound Dzire was on its way to the part capital of India – Goa. On a route which runs parallel to the Arabian Sea, the fresh crew covered geological and religious landmarks like the St.Mary’s island and the majestic installation at the Murudeshwar temple. Once in Goa, the Dzire and its crew unwound themselves on the lazy beaches while gorging on some gobsmacking Goan food, took a stroll at one of the countless flea markets during the night, and indulged in thrilling watersport activities during the day.

Leg 4

Eastbound Dzire: Chennai to Vijayawada via Nellore – Ongole

The all-new Dzire was now leaving the city lights of Chennai behind and heading towards Vijayawada. On its way, it came across the Pulicat Lake – the second largest brackish water lake or lagoon in India, the Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary, the historic Undavelli Caves, and the unique ParakasamBridge. Apart from traditional delicacies like the Nellore Chicken Biryani and some sensational sweets, Vijayawada is also famous for the JanapadaNrityam and folk dance.

Westbound Dzire: Goa to Ratnagiri via Kankavli – Kudal

Crossing over into the state of Maharashtra, the Dzire was on its way to the coastal town of Ratnagiri. The car and its crew were still travelling parallel to the Arabian Sea and the world-famous corals at Tarkarli beach, before halting march at the coastal fort of Ratnadurg. Still attacking the fresh bounty from the sea, the crew drove through countless orchards, indulging in the aromas and taste of the world-famous Alphonso Mango.


Leg 5

Eastbound Dzire: Vijayawada to Vizag via Elluru – Rajamundry

As the crew continued to savour the tantalizing experiences, which the Eastern coast of India offered, they could smell the famous bamboo chicken at Vizag from a distance. On their way towards the meal, the Dzire would help them cross the majestic old Godavari Bridge, as sights of the masterfully carved religious structures at Dwarka Tirumala and Gangeshwaralayam filled their vision. Once in Vizag, standing at the edge of desire at the Dolphin Nose, soaking in sights of the Rishikonda beach, and picking from native handicrafts, musical instruments, wood carvings, and the famous Cheria paintings were the order of the day.

Westbound Dzire: Ratnagiri to Mumbai via Chiplun – Alibag

From Ratnagiri, the all-new Dzire had a brand new crew which piloted it through the dense forests of the Western Ghats towards the Megapolis of Mumbai. The route for this journey passed through some sea-side forts, enchanting rivers, waterfalls and countless beaches. Once in Mumbai, the Dzire’s AGS technology kept things convenient and its automated climate control kept the crew cool as they gorged on popular street food like vadapav, pavbhaji, Bombay sandwiches and street-side dosas near the majestic Gateway of India.

Leg 6

Eastbound Dzire: Vizag to Puri via Srikakulam – Berahampur

For the last leg of this journey, the all-new Dzire made its way to the temple town of Puri in Orissa. Famous for its rich tradition of handicrafts and artefacts, the beach town is also well-known for the Jagannath Puri temple and the festive RathYatra, which is held in July every year. Weaved sarees like the Passapali, Ikat and Bomkai find their origins here. Upon reaching the destination, the crew had already ordered for some traditional Oriya fare at one of the many popular restaurants, which serve the delicacies.


Westbound Dzire: Mumbai to Daman; Daman – Surat; Surat to Diu

Not too far away from Mumbai, Diu & Daman is a popular weekend destination for the residents of Mumbai and those habiting the closeby cities of Gujarat. An ideal place to relax for the weekend, the Dzire’s west coast journey culminated here as the crew got busy finding meat within crabs and lobsters. Daman & Diu are also famous for hand-woven bamboo mats, baskets and perfumes.

The journey was now complete and the Dzire was resting its heels, having measured the grandeur of India’s vast coastline. For those who were behind its wheel during those twelve days, they realised that the all-new Maruti Suzuki Dzire is much like a reflection of the experience which we call India. An experience which is vast, diverse, rich, accommodating, welcoming and trustworthy. An experience which was perhaps the benchmark set when they decided to build the all-new Dzire. No wonder it connects with the people of this country and their desires so well.

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