Moving over Head up Display, Hyundai to Introduce Holographic AR in Their Car

Hyundai Motor Company announces a strategic alliance with WayRay AG, a Swiss start-up, to bring AR technology in its road cars.

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Hyundai Motor company is planning to change the way we navigate with our cars, touchscreens and head up display was too mainstream for them, so they collaborated with WayRay AG, to use holographic projections and Augmented Reality for navigation purposes. The AR technology may also be used further for other purposes than navigation like for instance the infotainment screen could be projected on one of the windows, providing the driver with a larger and crisper image compare to our traditional HUD[heads-up Display] technology.

AR display in Hyundai

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WayRay AG is a Swiss deep-tech startup which will provide Hyundai with both hardware and software as a part of this strategic alliance. The technology could be implemented an almost every car with some minor modifications and serve a long list of purposes. Unlike traditional HUD displays, a holographic AR display does not have any size restrictions and can cover the entire windscreen if requires, enabling the driver to focus on the road with no distractions which could even make the roads safer. This technology, seen in various movies will now make its way to actual road cars as early as 2020.

2018 Hyundai Accent 17

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On this alliance, Dr Youngcho Chi, Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Vice President of Hyundai Motor Group, commented, “WayRay has remarkable expertise in both hardware and software development for holographic display systems. The Hyundai-WayRay collaboration will help us establish a brand new eco-system that harnesses AR technology to enhance not only navigation systems but also establish an AR platform for a smart city and smart mobility, which are Hyundai Motor Group’s new business interests which will provide innovative customer experiences.”

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