Mahindra Mojo 300 fresh spy pictures reveal more details on the bike


Mahindra Mojo 300 India spy pics (1)

Fresh spy images of the once highly anticipated Mahindra Mojo 300 have surfaced on the web. While the initial excitement and anticipation about the bike has mellowed down of late due to the emergence of the very exciting and affordable KTM 390 Duke, enthusiasts are still looking keenly at how this Mahindra powered performance motorcycle eventually turns out.

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The new set of images taken while the bike was tested on public roads, reveal some very important details about the machine. The test mule looks close to production and gives away important clues about what to expect from the upcoming performance flagship from Mahindra Two wheelers. After looking at the images for some time and noting down some important details, we have managed to come up with the following observations.

Mahindra Mojo 300 India spy pics (2)

  • The bike features upside down forks, ala KTM 390 Duke. This should go a long way in making the Mojo a stable machine at speed
  • Alloy wheels up front and at the rear are lightweight 10 spoke units
  • Seems like Mahindra are going ahead with the twin headlights which were a part of the alien eyed Concept. We expect a change in design there.
  • The rear fender is of a weirdly curvy shape, and extends much beyond the tail lamps. Doesn’t look very tastefully designed to us
  • Main rider seat is recessed deeply. The entire seat is a single, step unit with pillion seat positioned very high and with very little space. The Mojo doesn’t seem to be a very pillion friendly machine going by these images
  • There’s a plastic box bolted on between the front wheel and the engine – to us it appears to be a tool box. Not a very nice idea for a sporty machine where such elements may disturb the coherency and neatness of the look
  • The rear wheel features a hugger to prevent muck from getting slung at the followers
  • The golden highlights displayed on the Concept machine seem to have been carried through on the production model as well. The front forks and swing arm are both painted in a golden shade – again, not a very tasteful appointment of colour.
  • The exhaust unit on the Mojo is a dated looking cylindrical unit. We have a feeling this may be altered on the final product.
  • Handlebars are not clip-ons. They are made of a traditional bent rod. Looking at the seating position and the height of the handlebars, the Mojo seems to have a rather commuter-ish riding position
  • Front foot-pegs not too aggressively positioned.
  • The bike features massive front petal brakes. Braking on this machine should be good.
  • There is a small disc brake at the rear end too
  • While the images are quite hazy, zooming in doesn’t provide any evidence for the presence on ABS on this machine
  • Overall, looking at the proportions, the details, the stance and the visible elements, the Mojo 300 looks like an averagely designed motorcycle. Nothing too exiting about it visually.
  • The engine fins aren’t pronounced, since it’s a liquid cooled unit and doesn’t require the flow of air around it surface.
  • There is an engine undercowl – not visible clearly as it’s smeared in muck
  • Another interesting detail is the black colored grab handle which seem to have been integrated flush with the pillion seat
  • We also see an analogue unit in the instrument cluset, which may be either a speedo or tacho and is blue backlit
  • Front tyre size and profile seems to be bigger than ideal
  • Both tyres seem to be the Pirelli Sport Demons. Size – front: 120 / 80 R17  Rear : 150 / 60 R17

Mahindra Mojo 300 India spy pics

The Mojo is being developed by Mahindratwo wheelers as its performance flagship. The bike will feature a 300cc liquid cooled powerplant with an expected power output of about 26 bhp. The bike will get its Energia fuel injection system from Ducati. Expect a lot of other new features to make an appearance on the Mojo as well upon its launch.

Don’t forget to let us know, if you get to spot any details that we may have missed.

Images: PowerDrift on FB

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