Low-Cost AMT To Be Built In-House by Nissan

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After witnessing the lip-smacking success that the Maruti-Suzuki Celerio achieved due to its frugal AMT, Nissan has stated that it will develop a similar low-cost AMT for its entry-level lineup in India.

AMT, or Automated Manual Transmission, is a module or a component that does away with the need to disengage the clutch during gear shifts. It was pioneered by Maruti-Suzuki in India with the Celerio hatchback, thanks to its very cheap price tag. What also set it different from other automated gearboxes was the fact that it didn’t compromise on fuel efficiency. And thus, the Maruti-Suzuki Celerio scripted a success story, as hordes of it were booked.

Nissan developing new Low Cost AMT for Micra and Sunny

To emulate a similar feat, Nissan is looking to develop a Low-Cost AMT box. Currently, Nissan employs its X-Tronic CVT gearbox on some of its models. It has a name for itself thanks to its flawless performance, however it is quite pricey as compared to Maruti-Suzuki’s simple-yet-effective AMT. The X-Tronic is developed by JATCO, a Japanese subsidiary of Nissan.

To keep costs low, Nissan will not rely on JATCO for the desired Low-Cost AMT. Instead, it will turn to its in-house engineers. The approach will involve taking one of their manual gearboxes, dissecting it and then enveloping it with an AMT module. Nissan hopes that this will cut costs, and hence the AMT might find its way onto models like Micra and Sunny in the future. A slim probability of Datsun models being equipped with the same AMT also exists.

Nissan developing new Low Cost AMT for MIcra and Sunny

An Automated Manual Transmission box will deliver better driving experience in the stop-go traffic of our cities, while the low cost will ensure that the masses too aren’t exempt from this superior experience. It might give Nissan India’s sales numbers that much-needed nudge in the northward direction. Wouldn’t you prefer such a feature in your car?

Source – Autocar India

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