Why KTM RC 390 Could be a Game Changer of sorts

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The KTM Motorcycles, up on their Indian launch, created the same old excitement as some of the old bikes (the RXs and the first Pulsars) we all grew up seeing and/or riding. However, we are still missing options in the Sports category. Yes, the Honda CBR 250R and Kawasaki Ninja 300 are on sale in India but they have their own shortcomings, which prevent them from becoming an ideal choice for many of us. This is exactly the time and space where KTM is ready to play their cards with the KTM RC 390 launch in India.

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As we have already been saying, the RC 390 is going to be a proper track tool as the bike is having many, if not all the necessary features to take it to the race track right away from the showroom flores. While you can read about the specifications by clicking on any of the links we have on this page, what I would like to stress on right now is the kind of Value of Money this bike is going to offer. Reports have been abounding that the the KTM RC390 price in India could be approx INR 2.2 lakhs. The credit for the fantastic pricing would go not just to parts sharing with the 390 Duke, but also to KTM studying and understanding the need of the market really well.

Don’t be surprised to see KTM getting very successful in coming years as they certainly are not the ones to sleep on their laurels. KTM is not stopping on RC390, they are just starting here. KTM is planning to enter the Parallel twin market too where they are looking forward to designing engines ranging from 500cc to 800cc. (CLICK HERE to read about upcoming KTM Bikes in India)

Some of the latest KTM 390 Spy Images —

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A Motorcycle like the KTM RC390 is not only a great product on its own but should also encourage other manufacturers to be brave and take some bold steps to make things exciting for the customer. It is time for them to concentrate on bringing more and more track oriented bikes to India.

All in all, I do believe that the KTM RC390 could be a Game Changer that we all have been waiting for. Do you feel the same? Do share your views with me by commenting below.

Words– Harkamal Singh

Edited by– Yatharth Chauhan

I ask all the serious bikers out there, when was the last time you were really excited for an upcoming bike? If you are a 70’s or 80’s kid, like yours truly, then you have more options to remember. So was it the legendary Yamaha RD350 or any of those delicious two stroke machines from the era gone by? Or are you from the times when the CBZ (and later the Karizma and Pulsar 180) were among the ‘must have’ machines?

There’s not a shade of doubt that why these bikes were bought in large numbers by the performance hungry crowd in India. The kind of performance they provided at those times was as good as it could have got. And although India was quick to get a lot many more bikes towards the advent of the new millennium, none of them were able to create the same fan following as these aforementioned bikes did.

Around 2007, Indian Motorcycle industry showed phenomenal growth, with bike aficionados growing in number. People started getting involved in track racing or stunting. TV shows like MTV Stunt Mania were being created to provide a proper platform for the daredevils on bikes. Things were good but we were still missing on some counts. While we did have bikes like the Karizma and the Pulsar 220, which were designed to an extent for comfortable touring, what everyone sorely missed was the availability of bikes dedicated to track racing.

Come Auto Expo 2008, and Yamaha brought a fire cracker of sorts in the guise of the R15. For a lot of time, the R15 was the ultimate track tool one could have bought, that is, without having to sell of a kidney or rob the local bank. Yamaha also introduced One make race series in 150cc class, where anyone interested in racing can come and race.

Time hardly stops for anyone and this holds true for motorcycles too. A brand should always act swiftly if they want to stay ahead of their competition. Yamaha did not do that and meanwhile, Bajaj brought the KTM Duke models to us.

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  • chaitanya says:

    What class.if you are getting same or more power than yamaha honda or kawasaki for half the price why to complain?

  • Anonymous says:

    But yamaha honda or kawasaki can’t match its performance. And for half the price you get same or more performance than Japanese bikes

  • Anonymous says:

    Please talk only after you ride and fell the bike.

  • Basim says:

    Ktm bikes r nt good in quality n safety..The fibre body is jus a shit.. Dnt compare these ktm bikes with yamaha,honda n kawa..Coz this is class 🙂

  • Monish says:

    Remember,U are getting a 45HP bike at 2.2 lks nearly half the price of the same spec twin cylinder rivals.