KTM RC 390 – All the spy images and details


The KTM RC 390 2014 is today easily the most awaited launch in India and while it is pretty much for sure that the KTM RC 390 India launch is around the corner, Bajaj-KTM have so far been reluctant to provide any concrete details on the KTM RC 390 India launch. Nevertheless, various set of spy pics have given us enough hint that the bike maker is almost ready with launching the bike and we believe that this promising model would enter Indian bike market in late May/early June. The KTM RC 390 is essentially a faired and sportier variant of the Duke 390, which has already been a huge sales success in Indian bike market. While most of you might of the belief that the RC 390 test mules have been very regular with making an appearance,  a look into our archives folder shows that the highly awaited bike has been spotted just four times since the advent of this year! On an average, that’s just one sighting per month months! Out of these four set of KTM RC 390 spy images we have with us, three sets were reported about in February this year, with the latest set of images emerging earlier this month! While we might have somehow managed to miss out on a sighting or two, there is no way that the RC 390 has been caught more than five times since the beginning of this year. Here are all the KTM RC 390 spy images we have. CLICK ON HYPERLINKS ABOVE EACH IMAGE FOR FULL SET OF IMAGES

Set 1- February 2, 2014, Location- Pune (Click here for all the images)


Set 2- February 19, 2014, Location- Unknown (Click here for all the images)


Please note- These images first cropped up way back in 2013. However, it was only on aforementioned date that we got to know that the bike in these pics is the KTM RC 390

Set 3- February 21, 2014, Location- Pune (Click here for all the images)


Set 4- April 3, 2014, Location- KTM plant (Click here for all the images)




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