Kia Carnival Gets Rammed Into A Wall On Delivery Day [Video]


Ask any car enthusiast if they remember the day their car got delivered and you will receive a firm ‘yes’ with glistening eyes. It takes a lot of hard work for a person to buy a car in India and if you are getting yourself a Kia Carnival which is considered a premium MPV, the amount of efforts multiply. The first time you get behind the wheel of your new car, it becomes more than just a means of transportation and becomes an extension of yourself.

But in some nightmarish scenarios, delivery days turn out to be quite happening and not in a good way. This happens to be one such scenario where a Kia Carnival driver rammed it into a concrete wall while driving out of the showroom premises. The video is particularly heart-breaking because we all know how exciting delivery days can turn out to be.

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Delving deep into the scenario, it seems like the showroom staff were giving the driver some necessary instructions and then the driver starts taking it out of the showroom premises. A couple of seconds later the Kia Carnival is seen rammed into the concrete wall with airbags deployed and surrounded by the showroom staff. It is being assumed that the driver couldn’t get a hang of the Automatic transmission and instead of applying brakes when he was approaching the wall, he stepped on the accelerator and that resulted in dealing more damage to the car up front.

It doesn’t end here. If you think that the visuals are heartbreaking accompanied with the sound of the Carnival hitting the wall, you should wait to see the actual damage. When the driver slots in the reverse gear, that’s when we come across the ruined front end of the car. The expenses seem to be hefty but they can be paid off monetarily. The picture of the ruined car on its delivery day, however, will forever be etched in the owner’s heart.

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Kia Carnival Crashed

These situations can be avoided by taking some necessary precautions. First off, manoeuvering an MPV as big as the Carnival in tight spaces can be a daunting task. And if you aren’t sure whether you will be able to turn the behemoth around, ask someone else to do it for you. The same applies to the automatic transmission too because they work very differently than the manual transmission. A person who is accustomed to stick shift might take some time in getting used to the automatic transmission.

If you aren’t familiar with the driving dynamics of the car and if you have still bought it, take someone with you and at least get the car home safely. Practice in less crowded places and get used to how your car functions. Less crowded because the incident that we are talking about could have turned fatal. There were so many people around when this mishap happened. The broken Kia Carnival will have to spend a few days in the workshop before it’s completely fixed but the incident will take quite some time to wash off from the owner’s mind.


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