Castrol India Takes Initiative To Improve Health Of Truckers And Farmers

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The trucker and farmer community has served as the backbone of India for generations. While they work tirelessly, even through the current testing times, these communities continue to lead sedentary lifestyles, neglecting their health and immunity. 

Regarding this, Lubricant major Castrol India recently undertook a study on the health and lifestyle of the trucking and farmers communities. The study revealed that while 1 in 3 truckers and farmers admitted to having health-related issues including back pain, lack of sleep, tiredness and joint pain; only 11% of them were inclined towards building a healthier lifestyle and immunity, which features as one of the lowest priorities among these communities.

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What Does The Research Say?

The study also brings to light that over two-thirds (68%) of the respondents were concerned about the health of their families as well as themselves. However, the research underlines a lukewarm approach towards healthy lifestyle and wellbeing as nearly two-thirds (65%) of the respondents admitted to not indulging in any form of fitness due to a lack of interest and time. Despite the aforementioned health concerns, 1 in 3 truckers and farmers also admitted to not making any efforts to lead healthier lives.

Importance Of Yoga

Reiterating the importance of Yoga for a healthier lifestyle and wellbeing, on International Yoga Day, Castrol India has partnered with the Yoga Institute of Mumbai, as in the past two years, refreshing its health programme for truckers and farmers to strengthen their wellbeing and introduce the ethos of a healthy lifestyle in their daily routine through a curated set of aasanas.

Talking about the initiative, Sandeep Sangwan, Managing Director, Castrol India Limited said, “Our truckers and farmers have been working relentlessly to ensure our lives remain undeterred during these extraordinary times. We salute them for keeping India moving. Castrol continues to play its part in being a responsible brand and supporting communities by facilitating a culture of fitness through Castrol CRB Truck Aasana and Khet Aasana programmes for our truckers and farmers.”  

As part of the health program, Castrol India will additionally launch an exclusive helpline to assist these communities know more about these specially curated aasanas. The initiative will feature Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda paying tribute to the communities for their selfless service and persuading them to prioritize their health.

Upon the initiative, Randeep Hooda said, “It’s critical we change the outlook of these communities and help them lead a healthier life. It’s important considering the tough times we are living in. This International Yoga Day, Castrol CRB and I hope to encourage truckers and farmers across the country to adopt the practice of yoga, work towards leading a healthy lifestyle and make themselves strong from within.”

Over the past two years, Castrol India has touched the lives of over 3,25,000 truckers and farmers with Castrol CRB Turbomax Truck Aasana and CRB Plus Khet Aasana, reaching over 50 cities and 2,000 villages, advocating the role of these aasanas to improve their lifestyle. 

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This research was conducted by Castrol India between March-May 2020, by surveying around 2,000 truck drivers and farmers across 20 states in India. Health issues in this study are defined as physical stress, lack of sleep, obesity, back pain, joint pain, and mental stress. The study was conducted to understand the priorities of these communities towards a healthy lifestyle.

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