JD Power Finds the Path to Satisfy Young Customers

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A recent study conducted by JD Power, results showed customers who are 30 years and younger expect a higher quality service experience when their vehicle is being serviced. According to the J.D. Power 2018 India Customer Service Index (Mass Market) Study, younger customers have higher expectations of the service processes executed at the dealerships than more mature customers. Moreover, 28% of people entering the showroom are now below 30 years of age. Seeing these statistics, it has now become crucial for dealerships to satisfy young customers. The study also found out that only 45% of young buyers would recommend the dealer for post-warranty service. To give you a comparison, 55% of the older customers would do the same.

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“India’s population is expected to be among the youngest in the world by 2020,” said Kaustav Roy, Regional Director at J.D. Power. “This shift in demographics will likely further attract more customers in this age group to dealerships, so it is imperative to understand the needs of this set of customers in terms of convenience, speed and transparency. Dealers will then be in a better position to meet the expectations of this demographic by providing a superior service experience and, in turn, enhancing customer loyalty.”

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The study also found out that digitisation helps increase in customer satisfaction. 58% of customers say that the service advisor used a tablet during the service initiation process. Those customers are more likely to have higher satisfaction levels. Moreover, more customers who accept their service advisor’s recommendation for additional service work were more likely to be satisfied than those who did not. The study also showed that more customers are now are waiting at the dealership during service. This is a result of faster service time, buyers are now offered to wait only 3 hours for a service. Many buyers almost 55%, opt to stay at the dealership and have the car leave with them.

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