Jawa Dealerships To Accept Bookings And Offer Test Rides Starting December 15th, 2018


Retro is back and how. Launched just last month, brand Jawa has been busy raking in all the popularity from all its nostalgic fans. They launched three stunning motorcycles, in the form of the Jawa, the 42 and the Perak. Priced at INR 1.64 lakh, INR 1.55 lakh and INR 1.89 lakh, bookings for all three bikes are now open online. However, the experience of walking into a dealership, taking a good look at the machine and falling for it right there is something else.

jawa Grey

With nearly 123 dealerships (list at the link) announced, of which, most will open their doors this month, you can soon walk in through their doors and take a look at the bike in person. Not just that, along with the option to book yourself one at a brick & mortar store, you will also be able to swing your leg over its saddle and take it for a test ride. Media rides for the motorcycle are scheduled for this week, and we’ll bring you a comprehensive review soon which will answer most of your questions, including, if the Perak can be fitted with a rear seat?

Jawa Perak

Deliveries of the bikes will start from January 2018, with customers who have booked online getting a priority. The Jawa and the 42 are powered by a 293 cc 27 HP, 28 Nm DOHC engine, where the makers of the bike have paid great attention to the sound which emanates from the engine’s twin pipes.

jawa42 yellow

They strived hard so that the four stroke motor’s sound could come close to the ring-a-ding-ding of the 2 stroke Jawas. On the other hand, the Perak is powered by the same motor, however, it has been bored out to 334 cc and this larger engine will be tuned to produce 30 bhp and 31 Nm of torque. The bike gets disc brakes at both ends with dual channel ABS. In comparison, the Jawa and the 42 make do with a drum setup at the rear.

Jawa Classic Red
Jawa 43 aqua
Jawa 42 Blue

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