Is This The TVS Apache RR 310 Version 2.0?

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Launched in December 2017, the TVS Apache RR 310 came out as the bike maker’s flagship which looked every bit like one. Powered by an engine which it shares with two other BMW motorcycles, the Apache RR 310 packed some top-notch kit which made it a versatile tool which is comfortable on the road and on track. However, something’s been cooking inside TVS’ factory it seems and the bike maker has teased a new Apache series motorcycle which looks like an upgraded RR 310.

This isn’t merely a cosmetic upgrade we can confirm because there is an official ride planned around this product. So what could it be? A TVS Apache RR 200 perhaps? But a closer look confirmed that this example still retains all the kit, including those gold-finished USD forks, LED lights, the devil’s horns-like taillight and the sultry bodywork which makes the RR 310 such a sight. So more than an RR 200, this looks like an updated RR 310. If you look closely though, you’d notice that the exhaust appears to be different than the one on the current-gen RR 310. The tagline says, “Crafted to be invisible.” Which also suggests that the already stealthy paintwork (Black) could become even stealthier and maybe a matte carbon finish could be introduced. Maybe some new decals too.

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2019 TVS Apache RR 310 Version 2.0

We’d place our bets on this motorcycle being an upgrade for the RR 310, rather than an RR 200 though. And our guess is that since the exhaust is different, there could be some really tasty updates which crank up the power output from the 310 cc single. It could be an updated ECU, some lighter components, altered gearing, and maybe a slipper clutch. For the pride with which TVS products carry the ‘TVS Racing’ sticker and the fact that the RR 310 Cup has been running for a year now, we think the bike maker has learnt something new and is keen to pass it on to its customers. Excited? We are too and we just can’t wait to experience what is new ourselves and share everything with you. Watch this space, stay tuned and we’ll come back with all the information as soon as we can. Promise.