Honda Offers Discount on the Old Generation CR-V to Make Space for the New CR-V

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The Honda CR-V has had low sales thanks to a lack of diesel engine on offer, this may have lead to a lot of cars ending up in their godowns with no takers. The new generation CR-V which we reviewed recently, is about to hit the market very soon, which would render the old generation cars useless. Considering this, the Japanese manufacturer is now offering discounts of INR 1.5 lakhs on the old generation CR-V to empty the old stock.

Honda CR V old gen side

The old CR-V came with an option of two-wheel drive and all-wheel drive options, but only with petrol engines. The two-wheel drive variant comes with a 2-litre petrol engine making 154 bhp and 190 Nm and returns 13.7 kilometres per litre. The all-wheel drive variant comes with a 2.4-litre engine, which makes 187 bhp and 226 Nm of torque with a milage of 12 km/l. Unlike the new CR-V which is a 7-seater, the last generation of the CR-V came only with a 5 seat configuration.

Honda CR V old gen featured

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Prices for the CR-V are 24.8 lakhs for the two-wheel drive variant and 27.1 lakhs for the all-wheel-drive variant, all prices are Ex-showroom Delhi. The additional discount would make the CR-V an even more valuable investment for potential buyers and also help dealers clear out old stock in preparation of the arrival on the new generation CR-V which with its diesel engine can be expected have much more sale numbers. Do watch our review video of the new CR-V below.

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