Honda CBR250R And Two 160cc Bikes No Longer Listed On Official Website

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For a motorcycle which was introduced in India in 2011, the Honda CBR250R carried on for too long, without any updates. What was once a popular choice, for the lack of freshness, the bike’s appeal faded as fresh, feature-loaded and more powerful competitors arrived. The India-spec CBR250R soldiered on until now with the same mechanical components and the only update it ever received was an LED headlight and some new colour options. As India has finally moved into the BS6 era, the quarter-litre machine is no longer listed on HMSI’s website and that spot will either be filled in by another motorcycle or remain vacant.

2018 Honda CBR 250R Pearl Sports Yellow

Along with the CBR250R, the X-Blade and Hornet have also gone missing from the website too. However, in the case of these two, they should make a comeback for being recent, popular and attracting good sales numbers month-on-month. With the CBR250R gone, the entry-level premium motorcycle in Honda’s portfolio is the CB300R, which by the way, hasn’t been upgraded to meet BS6 norms either. The word around is that the bikemaker is mulling the option of manufacturing a sub-500cc product in India (the CB300R arrived in CKD form) and the BS6 CB300R could be introduced after a brief period of absence. Goes without saying, the current situation will also add more time to that timeline.

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Honda X Blade

In November last year, Honda had announced that it has plans to double its portfolio of premium motorcycles from the current 7, taking it up to 13. The company also revealed that 5 new “Fun” models will be introduced in India. It had mentioned that it would ensure that all existing 7 models, ranging from 300cc to 1800cc will be practically brand new after they get the latest global updates. With a renewed focus on ‘Make in India for the World’, Honda would foray into mass production of select big bikes from India, from its current CKD / CBU operations. Also, the brand’s presence across the country would be enhanced as the Silver wing mark will expand aggressively pan India from 23 to 75 cities.

Honda CB300R Review

While making that announcement, Mr Yadvinder Singh Guleria, Senior Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. had said, “Globally, Honda has a strong legacy of fun riding – be it for fun urban riding, super-sport racing, luxurious touring or even off-roading. Starting April’19, Honda spearheaded its new premium bike business identity under the Silver Wing-Mark brand. Honda will unleash Phase II of its premium business vertical in the new BS-VI era. Customers can expect double the fun with 13 iconic global models including 5 brand new models. This will be supported by an exclusive  network for sales and service in 75 cities.”

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