Higher capacity Yamaha M-Slaz for India in the works; Expo reveal expected


Yamaha M-Slaz (1)

Yamaha India will hopefully end their lazy streak at the Auto Expo next week if a new report is to be believed. And what a better way to do it than introducing the M-Slaz with a higher capacity engine. Arguably one of the better looking sub-200 cc motorcycles out there, the M-Slaz is currently sold in Thailand with the YZF-R15 V 2.0’s hardware, which includes the 150 cc engine and the Delta Box frame.

The India specific M-Slaz is expected to get a 200-220 cc single cylinder engine, and will bridge the gap between the R15 and the R3 in the brand’s portfolio. However, the branding could reportedly change from M-Slaz to MT for India. The new motorcycle will be manufactured in India, and a fully faired version is also said to be in development.

The Yamaha M-Slaz, unveiled in Thailand in December last year, puts out 17 PS of power and 15 Nm of torque; identical numbers to that of the YZF-R15. Over the R15, the M-Slaz adds USD front forks, fatter rubber and spikier styling. Prices start at 89,500 Thai Baht which works out to about INR 1.66 lakh. It’ll be interesting to see how Yamaha India prices the Indian version, as the manufacturer is not known to be particularly aggressive with their pricing.

Source: Top Gear

Yamaha M-Slaz (2)
Yamaha M-Slaz (1)
Yamaha M-Slaz – 8
Yamaha M-Slaz – 7
Yamaha M-Slaz – 6
Yamaha M-Slaz – 5
Yamaha M-Slaz – 4
Yamaha M-Slaz – 3
Yamaha M-Slaz – 2
Yamaha M-Slaz – 1
Yamaha M-Slaz (MT-15) (2)
Yamaha M-Slaz (MT-15) (1)
Yamaha MT-15 – M-Slaz Xabre
Yamaha MT-15 – M-Slaz – 4
Yamaha MT-15 – M-Slaz – 2
Yamaha MT-15 – M-Slaz – 1

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