Harley-Davidson India Releases New Film ‘H-D India Forever’ To Commemorate the Completion of a Decade


Harley-Davidson. Unless you have been living under a rock, you know how big, how significant of a brand, Harley-Davidson is. Harley-Davidson is making motorcycles for 118 years now. It’s not just about their motorcycles though, is it? Maybe yes, maybe no. It’s more about the people, it’s about the feeling of a riding an iconic machine on a road, it’s about the bond you share, with your motorcycle, with your posse, with the people you ride with. It’s about the what it makes you feel and experience.

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To celebrate and commemorate another decade of motorcycling and riding with passion on the road, Harley-Davidson has launched a new film titled ‘HD India forever’ to celebrate another one of their many decades in India. The film captures a brilliant outlook from the company’s perspective with their undying love and passion that equally resonates with all the riders that own a Harley Davidson.

The film starts with a question, what makes Harley-Davidson, Harley-Davidson? Then, it goes through all the possibilities that could answer that question. It then moves onto asking Why do heads turn by when a Harley rides, what makes Harley iconic etc. Reviewing every possibility, it then goes out to say what makes Harley Davidson Harley Davidson is you to evoke a very special feeling amongst its riders.

Harley Davidson global unveil

Talking about Harley Davidson in India, it quit India sometime back due to low sales and decreasing popularity. Low sales that directly impacted its revenue and high taxes levied on imports in India. Harley’s tramlined approach towards its portfolio slowly made sure that the brand becomes less popular than its rivals. Harley then, under new management, had to adopt new strategies and that included exiting India.

That was a surprise. But then, Harley Davidson partnered with Hero MotoCorp via distribution and licensing agreement. “As per a distribution agreement, Hero MotoCorp will sell and service Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and sell parts & accessories and general merchandise riding gear and apparel through a network of brand-exclusive Harley-Davidson dealers and Hero’s existing dealership network in India,” Hero MotoCorp said in a statement.

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Harley Davidson Low Rider 12

Going forward, Harley Davidson has a legacy of a century and no one can take it from them. It sure didn’t work for them in India back then, but now alongside Hero, they might be able to study and understand the Indian market better and with New Delhi looking to ease doing business in the country, Harley can come back better, stronger and well-equipped.


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