Ford launches its community program in Sanand to provide safe drinking Water to 1500 children

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  Ford India community program provide safe drinking water

As a part of its CSR activities, Ford India is empowering the communities surrounding its facilities. The company launched its first cohesive community outreach initiative in Sanand, Gujarat. The first phase of the initiative will ensure safe drinking water for close to 1500 children between the age of 3-6 years from 30 anganwadis, covering 18 villages in Sanand.

Ford India has partnered with Ahmedabad-based NGO, Saath Charitable Trust, to implement the project, which aims to progressively expand and cover children across 70 villages.

Ford India safe drinking water community programme sanand (1)

As part of the field research with Saath Charitable Trust, the company realized that access to safe drinking water was a significant gap, resulting in various water-borne diseases, especially amongst children. This project will thus help us address a basic need.

Speaking at the launch of the project, Kel Kearns, Director – Manufacturing, Sanand Vehicle Assembly & Engine Plant, Ford India Pvt. Ltd, said “Henry Ford envisioned creating a Better World, together with building a strong business and designing products that people want and desire. Our first community outreach in Sanand is no different and aims to enable a positive change and sustainable development towards children in the neighboring villages around the upcoming manufacturing facility.”

Ford India safe drinking water community programme sanand

“We are extremely happy to partner with Ford for this project, to enable access to pure drinking water for children. Saath envisions inclusive communities with empowered individuals. We will ensure that the project is sustainable and work towards enhancing it over a period of time, to impact more people”, said Shyam Prakash Singh, Program Coordinator, Saath Charitable Trust.

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