Ford India’s Social Series Mixes Poetic Romance With The Magic Of Motoring

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Behind the wheel or in the backseat, there’s something really magical about motoring. Whether it’s the constantly changing vistas which pass us by, getting to a destination where we set ourselves free to dream, or just driving home, motoring has various effects on different individuals. Effects which are profound, therapeutic, and of many kinds. Capturing this very essence, after the debut video Galiyan, Ford India’s social series is back with its second original poem, one which will make you reminisce childhood journeys and dreams.

Conceptualized as an ode to Childhood, the video titled Aasmaan (Hindi for Sky) derives its thought from discoveries a child makes while looking at the world outside from the rear-seat of a car. The space at the rear during journeys, therefore, not just ensures safety but fosters imagination and dreams. Shot at locations in Himachal Pradesh by the creative team at Word of Mouth Media, Aasmaan is co-written by Filmmaker and poet, Vineet Panchhi with Kapil Sharma, Head of Communications at Ford India.

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Complementing the spirit of Discovery, the social content series from Ford looks to bring everyday emotions to life through compelling use of verse and visuals, with Ford products playing a worthy enabler. The second video features the Ford Aspire as an enabler of discoveries as a perfect family vehicle, not just for the everyday commute but weekend travel with kids. The social campaign looks to a crowd-sourced original thoughtful verse on self-discoveries from the audience and fans, only to be turned into more videos in the future.

Someone who has managed to keep his pen as busy as his keyboard, Kapil Sharma, Director, Communications, Ford India says, “A vehicle always stands witness to such self-discoveries one makes in a life spanning from a daily commute to an ultimate road trip. Such discoveries often relate us to new places, people, experiences and above all, emotions. We are happy to bring one more such discovery to life with Aasmaan.”

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