Five Features We Expect From The New KTM RC 390

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When the KTM RC 390 was first launched in India, it had little to no competition. No other motorcycle offered such explosive performance, razor-sharp handling and a wide array of features like the RC 390. But things are different now because the competition now looks more equipped than ever. The TVS Apache RR 310 for instance, offers better equipment now and looks the part too. Though it is still unmatched because of the performance it packs and the price it asks for but most of us would agree that the venerable RC 390 has started feeling a little dated.

MY2020 KTM RC 390 BS6

KTM recently launched the Adventure 390 and loaded it with some serious tech and that gives us an idea about what we can expect from the upcoming RC 390. KTM already has the necessary ingredients and they just have to pour it in a vessel, mix it thoroughly and pour the orange dish on a warm platter. Here are five features that we expect from the new KTM RC 390:

LED headlights

While the competition has gradually moved towards LED headlights for good, the BS6 RC 390 still makes do with projector headlamps. For instance, one of the main highlights of the Apache RR 310 is its bi-xenon LED projector headlamps. If KTM decides to swap similar units in the RC 390, it will not only enhance the looks but will provide better illumination too. We can also expect a redesigned headlamp housing which will further sharpen the looks.

KTM RC390 – Official Image

TFT Colour display

TFT colour displays have become all the rage nowadays. The level of sophistication and the practicality of mobile phone connectivity options these displays bring on the table are unmatched. The Apache RR 310 is considered to be one of the prime rivals of the RC 390 and with the recent update, the TFT display of the RR 310 is more futuristic than before. KTM already has a TFT display in their arsenal but the BS6 RC 390 still makes do with the small, cluttered unit of the previous-gen KTMs. But hopefully, we will finally see the new RC 390 utilizing a TFT colour display.

2017 KTM Duke 390 instrumentation (2)


Track aficionados absolutely love bi-directional quickshifter because when you are out on the track, every millisecond matters. Quickshifter allows you to seamlessly upshift or downshift without using the clutch. KTM introduced the Adventure 390 with a quickshifter as standard. Though it doesn’t work as effortlessly as it should, it does the job anyway. The RC 390, being an out and out track-focused motorcycle, would benefit a lot with a quickshifter. It is already a fast and sharp motorcycle around the track and the quickshifter will only make it faster.

KTM 390 Adventure 2020 RH Profile White

The KTM Adventure 390 comes equipped with both, a quickshifter and traction control.

Traction control

Traction control really comes in handy when you find yourselves in tricky situations. With the kind of power the RC 390 produces from its single-cylinder configuration, traction control would introduce a much-needed leash on its power. The Adventure 390 already has a traction control system so it shouldn’t be that hard for it to drip down to the RC 390. It will also assist in new riders getting accustomed to the power delivery of that mad motor.

Riding modes

Another possible and crucial addition to the new RC 390 could be riding modes. The RC 390 hasn’t received any major update ever since it was launched in India but it did gain ride-by-wire throttle which completely eliminates throttle cable from the setup and uses throttle sensors instead. Incorporating riding modes in a motorcycle driven by ride-by-wire throttle isn’t that hard.

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TVS pulled it off with the new BS6 Apache RR 310 when they installed ride-by-wire throttle and included 4 different riding modes. Riding modes could come in really handy for the people who are not a fan of KTM’s high-revving nature and the explosive performance. It might actually improve its fuel efficiency too.

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    A customer who cares about tft screen and fuel economy should not buy a sports bike. You can have a poser sports bike, still just as you would not go for genesis g80 but would prefer c63 amg, for the same reason you just cannot skip a RC if you you need PERFORMANCE from A Performance Bike. Gadgets != Performance.