This KTM 390 Adventure Borrows Vital Equipment From The Himalayan

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It probably has never happened that everything we expected from a product has been served to us just the way we want it to be. After waiting for the KTM 390 Adventure for gazillion years, the bike finally arrived last year. However, some who wanted it to be properly kitted out for the outdoors, were disappointed.

This entry-level adventure bike offers nearly everything and then some in stock form. But interested folks who expected some power parts to be available at least as an option, have been making funny faces. Besides spoke-type wheels, most have been wishing for better low-down poke from the motor, which powers this bike in the same state of tune as the Duke 390. Since the rest of the package is probably the best out there in that price range, HDT Customs has tried to address the shortcomings.

The KTM 390 Adventure you see in the pictures has been fitted with a hub and spokes which have been borrowed from the Himalayan. For the hub to fit correctly on the KTM, certain modifications had to be carried out. The wires are bolted to 19″ front and 17″ rear rims which have been imported. Besides those changes, the bike has also been fitted with a frame to carry a top box and side panniers. Everything else is stock.

For those wondering why the hue and cry about spoke-type wheels over alloys? In simple terms, alloy wheels are rigid in comparison to those with spokes. Although you can ride a bike fitted with them through trails and the rough stuff, one has to be very careful and ride gently because even one big jolt or continued abuse can cause a crack in the wheel, which then asks for a replacement. Not what you want if you’re riding somewhere deep inside a jungle. On the other hand, spoke-type wheels are abuse-friendly for allowing a slight change in shape instead of cracking, which only requires the right hands and a hammer to fix. For being lighter, alloy wheels reduce unsprung weight which engineers toil really hard to achieve in order to improve handling. On the other hand, spoke-type wheels are heavier in comparison.

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