Fancy A Royal Enfield Fatboy? Watch This!

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The Internet is one weird place to be, all thanks to the crazy things we come across. Context? Not something for which you would need to turn your VPN on but a customised Royal Enfield which looks like a Harley Davidson Fatboy. We came across a video which showcased a tastefully modified Royal Enfield. We know, there are a ton of mod jobs out there done on a Royal Enfield. There are big custom houses who are particularly known for their customisations. But this, right here, is pulled off by Bittoo Bike Modification, a custom house hailing from New Delhi. If we consider just the looks alone, this Byomkesh Bakshi comes pretty darn close to looking like Sherlock Holmes.


They haven’t revealed the technical intricacies which went down in customising this motorcycle. But who cares when the end product looks almost like the Fatboy? Some people might even confuse it with the original one when they see it rolling on the streets. One of HD Fatboy’s key highlights is the fat rear tyre and this customised RE features a 200 mm rear tyre while the front houses a 140 mm rubber. Fat tyres resembling the Fatboy? Check!

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re customised 1

As claimed in the video, the guys who did the customisation don’t possess the technological prowess some other customisation giants do, hence all the bodywork has been hand fabricated. And the job that they have pulled off is surely commendable because, at the end of the day, the final product looks as huge, muscular and brawny as the Original Fatboy.

RE Customised

Delving into the details shared, instead of going with a conventional number plate holder, they have opted for a side-mounted number plate which makes it look even more in line with the HD Fatboy. Cruisers are particularly famous for the use of Chrome in the bodywork. So much chrome that it might turn you blind if you see it under direct sunlight. This customised RE also features a lot of chrome. You will find chrome garnishing all over the place including the indicators, headlamp housing, tank, handlebars, side mirrors and not to forget, the twin exhaust too.

The mudguard and the tank are hand fabricated but they have a particular sense of finesse to them. The paint job is done in off-white colour which makes it even more appealing to look at. Talking about the mechanical changes which it has gone through, the engine remains largely unchanged while there are some minor tweaks in the frame to house the new bodywork. It wouldn’t have been wise to stick to the century-old instrument cluster of a RE so they have included a digital unit which displays the necessary information. The Footpegs are placed to offer a relaxed riding position and while the engine replicates the design of that of the Fatboy with the help of a faux unit, it still houses the stock unit of RE instead of that large V-Twin which powers the original.

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