DSK Owned Benelli And Hyosung Bikes Under The Hammer Today

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Renowned bike manufacturer, Benelli had initially entered our market with the DSK group. However, with the DSK group running into some troubles, the Italian bike manufacturer was forced to withdraw from our market for some time. Now playing its second innings in the Indian market with Mahavir group, Benelli has entered the market once again and has a number of bikes on offer. However, their former partner is still not free from financial trouble and it seems that the banks have taken over the property owned by the firm. This includes a number of bikes and scooters from Benelli and Hyosung which would be auctioned off today, to recover some amount from the DSK group.

Benelli Trek Amazonas 1130 (6)

The 2-wheelers include a number of models that were on sale in the Indian market and a number of prototypes and test mules, which could have been brought to our market had the partnership continued. This includes bikes like the Benelli Zafarano 250 cc scooter, the Benelli TNT135 and much more. Moreover, popular bikes like the Benelli TNT600, the Benelli Trek Amazonas, the Hyosung Aquila and many more are on offer. The most affordable listing is the Benelli Sport RKS150, with a reserve price of INR 70,000 and the Trek Amazonas 1130 is the model with the highest reserve price of INR 7,57,000.

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The bikes would be sold as they are and would come with no warranty, making it a rather huge gamble for the people who plan to buy these. Moreover, the auction site does not list the mileage of these bikes, some of which could be quite high considering they could have been test mules at some point. According to the E-Auction sale notice, DSK Motowheels, as of 28/02/2019 owes the Union Bank of India INR 17,27,80,875.48 + further interest + legal expenses + further costs and expenses incurred. With the auction of these premium bikes and scooters, the bank can expect to earn a considerable chunk of this amount back. The auction is currently underway and shall conclude by 4 PM today. Below are some pictures, with the complete list of all bikes available on sale, do have a look.

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DSK owned bikes auction list2
DSK owned bikes auction list1