Got A Fast Bike? You Cannot Make This Overtaking Mistake In India

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For the lack of training about road and driving etiquettes during our formative years, we simply cannot say that as a nation, we know how to drive or ride the proper way. Even our licencing system is such a farce, anybody can just clear a joke of a test and be armed to hit the road. Most of the times, someone does fall prey to the real-life training which happens on our roads, and motorcyclists are on the top of that list.

This video here captures just that as a fast motorcyclist tries to overtake slow-moving traffic, one after the other, on a single carriageway. He then encounters a hatchback which had been planning to overtake a bus and moves out of the lane to get past it, giving the fast rider a real bad scare. The trouble here is, the rider did not leave a ‘What if?’ buffer in his head, to think that the car might swerve any minute to get past the slow-moving bus. The other problem here is that he was already riding fast in the opposite lane and for how most Indian drivers use their mirrors, he went either unnoticed, or the car guy only checked his IRVM and not the ORVM, which is the only way the driver could’ve spotted the rider. On the rider’s part, he was riding continuously in the oncoming lane, forcing even a three-wheeler outside its own lane.

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So if you’ve got a fast bike, know the fact that no matter how many horses you have between your legs, in India, you still are riding a two-wheeler, the presence of which, most car/bus/truck drivers consider as almost non-existent. Single carriageways are the riskiest, as it will be very rare for an oncoming vehicle to cancel its overtaking manoeuvre, even if the driver spots you coming from the other side. In their minds, since you have a bike, you only need so much space to get by. Ensure the vehicle you are about to overtake is aware of your presence and if you do not wish to find yourself in a situation like this biker in this video, never overtake a cluster of vehicles at once on a single carriageway. You could genuinely be in someone’s blind spot and it might not be your lucky day.

Video Courtesy: Reffy on YouTube

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