Fancy Driving In The Night At The Madras Motor Race Track? Here’s Your Chance

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You’ve got to give it to the folks at the Madras Motor Sports Club for giving it all they can to keep a not so popular sporting activity in India, alive. In continuation of their efforts and to generate more excitement, the club has installed 35 temporary light masts and is inviting interested folks for a unique driving experience evening on the 7th Aug 2019, between 7 to 10 pm at the Madras Motor Race Track. It will be for the first time that the Madras Motor Race Track will be lit up at night since its inauguration in 1989.

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The evening session will be divided into 5 laps sessions and all track users who are bringing their own cars will need to pay a total sum of Rs.1000/-, which will cover the cost of the indemnity and refreshments for the evening. Those desirous of renting a VW Polo Race Spec Car will need to pay Rs.3000/- per session and can send their confirmation to or Helmets are mandatory for all track users and if you cannot carry your own, the MMSC will have some you may borrow. It is mandatory for your car headlights to be functional if you decide to go.

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We’ve already witnessed some modifications being carried out within the circuit premises for what appears to be a dirt track. This night session is said to be a petri dish for full-blown night races which could be organised to pull more crowds for a festive atmosphere. The 3.71 kilometres long track won’t be lit in a manner like the Singapore City Track or the one at Qatar, but there will be enough lights for the marshals and track authorities to be able to see what’s happening.

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For the racers and the audience alike, this will be a comfortable time for some racing action as for the most number of days in the year, the heat in Chennai can quickly sap all your energy. The main circuit is 3.717 kilometres long with 12 turns and 3 straights, with the longest one being 250 metres. Running in a clockwise direction, the technical layout of the track throws many challenges.