Digital Artist Imagines A BMW S 310 RR

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Dishing out entry-level sports bikes which replicate the styling of their litre-class siblings is the norm these days. The engine, equipment and everything else that comes fitted on these machines are nowhere as close to the kit provided on the big bike for obvious reasons. However, these machines are true scaled-down models, which at the fraction of the price, offer a fraction of the thrills, and styling which takes a young fan closer to his dream machine.

At the very top of BMW Motorrad’s range sits the S 1000 RR, which reigned supreme above all comparable machines for the longest time when it was first introduced. In its updated form, it continues to do so and now that BMW has entry-level bikes which have been developed in partnership with TVS, a fully-faired example has been developed by the latter.

BMW S 310 RR Render By Chetan Kale (1)

However, there isn’t one wearing a BMW badge, yet. So Chetan Kale, a freelance 3D artist, got to work and penned an example which incorporates the styling elements of the litre-class BMW with the mechanical components of the 310cc platform.

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BMW S 310 RR Render By Chetan Kale (5)

Design Details

They already have the G 310 R and all it needs is some extra clothing to look like the example in the images here. But take a good look at the details and you’d notice that besides the now symmetric fascia of BMW’s flagship, this render wraps an interesting fairing around the trellis frame. The V-shaped side panel and fins which let out the hot air from the engine merge in harmony with a silver-finished pattern which does well to mask the chassis’ architecture. But besides all that, it does look like a properly miniaturised S 1000 RR, which should make fanboys queue up if BMW does decide to make one and prices it right.

BMW S 310 RR Render By Chetan Kale (2)

Since we’re talking about the 310 platforms, many like to think that the price difference between the G 310 R and the Apache RR 310 isn’t justified as they’re almost similar, sans the bodywork. However, like it happens a lot of times, the similarities are only on paper and the street-styled BMW does have a very different character in comparison to the Apache. It feels more aggressive and intuitive once you are in the saddle and there is also a slight difference one can perceive when it comes to cycle parts. A BS6 version of the flagship Apache is out already and like TVS’ bike, expect BMW’s entry-level machines, the G 310 R and the GS to be updated with new goodies too.

BMW S 310 RR Render By Chetan Kale (3)
BMW S 310 RR Render By Chetan Kale (2)
BMW S 310 RR Render By Chetan Kale (1)
BMW S 310 RR Render By Chetan Kale (5)
BMW S 310 RR Render By Chetan Kale (4)

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