Design of India-bound BMW i8 explained in this video

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There is no denying that the BMW i8 is easily among the most eye-catching designs to have come from the Bavarian automaker in recent times. As we have been saying, the BMW i8 is India-bound and will make its India debut at the upcoming Auto Expo 2014. The sales of the i8 in India are expected to commence around the onset of next fiscal (Click here to read our report on all the cars that are coming to us this year) and from what we know, only 7-8 units of the i8 electric supercar have been allotted for sale in India. We are pretty sure that the i8 will be impossible to ignore on our streets, which are crowded with the rather mundane-looking Swifts and Alto-800s.

Thanks to the long wheelbase, short overhangs and a sporty roofline, the BMW i8 has quite a dynamic stance. Also, the i8, despite looking futuristic, has enough design cues that connect it with the ‘conventionally powered’ Bimmers.  

Here is a new video of the good folks at BMW, which explains the design of the new car.


What do you have to say about the i8’s design? Do share your thoughts by penning down in the comments section below.

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