Comparison Video: Mahindra Marazzo V/S Toyota Innova Crysta

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The Toyota Innova Crysta stands on the throne of the MPV segment, known for being bulletproof, cheap to maintain and very reliable. The new kid on the block, Mahindra Marazzo, joins a long list of cars which have tried to threaten the Innova. Is it good? Does the Innova Crysta have to worry? We drove both the cars back to back in order to get some answers.

Mahindra Marazzo

The first thing we would bring to your notice is the massive price difference between the two. While the top end variant of the Marazzo comes in at INR 13,90,000; the top end manual variant of the Innova Crysta comes in at about INR 21,00,000. A massive difference of almost INR 7,00,000 makes the cars too far apart to compare. However, the Marazzo has been aimed to be a threat to the Innova Crysta and there are even some areas where the Marazzo outshines the Innova Crysta. So we took both the cars and went ahead with our comparison test to see how close the Marazzo comes to the Innova Crysta.

Toyota Innova Crysta


The Innova Crysta carries a rugged, masculine design language. It seems to be ready to take a lot of abuse our pothole-filled roads have to offer. Moreover, The DRL’s and white HID’s of the Innova make it look more premium and aggressive. The Innova also is longer and stands taller than the Marazzo. The Marazzo meanwhile gets a proportionate, feminine design philosophy. It gets great attention to detail and hides its bulk in a very beautiful manner. The Marazzo offers a longer wheelbase and is 36 mm wider than the Innova Crysta. That said looks can be a very subjective matter so it is for you to decide which one is a better looker.

Mahindra Marazzo Launch left exterior

Driver’s Throne:

The Innova Crysta has a massive driver chair which also offers electric adjust in the top end trim. All seats are covered in leather and offer massive thigh and shoulder support. The armrest in the centre control has to be shared with the passenger. Overall the seats of the Innova Crysta are comfortable enough to support you during long drives. Coming to the Marazzo, the main difference one would notice is the contours of the seat. Although the seats are covered in leatherette, they are well contoured to offer you better under thigh and shoulder support. It lacks electric adjustment but offers lumbar support for both front chairs. The Marazzo also gets individual armrests for the driver and passenger.

Toytota Innova Crysta 2.8 Z (51)

Second Row Seats:

Both the cars get an option of two or three seat configuration for the second row. The two-seat configurations that we are testing on both the models offer similar knee room and can be moved forward and aft as per requirement. The Innova gets wider seats which make it a bit more comfortable. The seats can also be reclined all the way back for times when you just want to sit back and relax. The top of the line Innova Crysta also gets a mechanism to move the front passenger seat to create more legroom. The Marazzo gets a carved out recess in the front seat which makes up more knee room compared to the Innova Crysta. The seats are quite comfortable and the lack of a transmission tunnel makes it easier to move your legs around. The seats on the Marazzo do not recline all the way back but offers a sunshade for the second row.

Toytota Innova Crysta 2.8 Z (48)

Third Row Seats:

Both the vehicles offer a quite accessible and usable third row of seats. The bench is comfortable enough for adults to sit for short to medium length rides and both cars offer cup holders at the rear. The Innova Crysta gives tumble down seat access on both second-row chairs. The seat itself is quite comfortable and can be reclined as per requirement. The wider seats of the second row do not leave much space in between due to which only one leg can be placed in between the second-row seats up front. The Innova Crysta also gets a third headrest which can be stored in the boot when not required. Coming to the Marazzo, one can access the third row only from the rear passenger side door The driver side rear seat does not tumble down. getting in is easier due to the flat floorboard. The Marazzo also gets armrests on the side and the second-row seats offer enough space for two legs in the middle which will be very helpful in case of long journeys. The longer wheelbase translates to a bit more space in the third row compared to the Innova Crysta. Moreover, the light colours and bigger windows of the Marazzo give it a more comfortable and airy feel.

Mahindra Marazzo Launch third row headroom

Boot Space:

Both cars offer a fold-able third row to offer more boot space if the need arises. The Innova Crysta gets a 300-litre boot with the rear seats up. The loading lip is in the seam with the boot bay which makes loading-unloading convenient. The rear seats can be folded down with a 50:50 split ratio and the space on offer is much more than that available in the Marazzo. The Marazzo offers 190 litres of boot space with the seats up which can be raised to 1055 litres with the seats folded down. The seats fold with a 60:40 split and can be folded down easily with a lever present on the back of the seats.

Toytota Innova Crysta 2.8 Z (56)

Engine and Performance:

The cars feature very different powertrains. The Innova Crysta gets a 2.4-litre diesel powerhouse churning out 148 BHP and 343 Nm of torque. The engine offers a real-world fuel efficiency of 10 to 12 kmpl. The Marazzo features a new 1.5-litre diesel unit which makes 121 BHP and 300 Nm of torque. The new engine gives a real-world fuel efficiency of 12 to 16 kmpl. Mahindra must be commended for creating such a refined engine especially considering the difference of just 43 Nm of torque while being 900 cc low on cubic capacity. Talking about driving performance, the Innova Crysta feels a bit better than the Marazzo in every aspect but it is fascinating how close the Marazzo gets to the Innova Crysta considering the huge price difference between them.

Toytota Innova Crysta 2.8 Z

Apart from that, there are quite other features where the two cars go neck to neck. The Marazzo offers a surround cooling vent for rear passengers which diffuses air into the cabin however the Innova Crysta gets a better AC unit which would cool the cabin faster. The interior space of the Marazzo is dominated light colour scheme which feels more airy and less claustrophobic compared to the dark interiors of the Innova Crysta. The Marazzo offers more functions in their infotainment system but the Innova Crysta gets a better sound quality. The list goes on and on. Please watch our video on our comparison of the two to know more.

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In conclusion, I would say, the only way to beat the Innova Crysta is by standing against the trial of time. The Marazzo may be better on space, offer certain more features and a very silent cabin but all that would not matter until the Marazzo proves itself to be a reliable and long lasting machine. Time will tell us how good the Marazzo is on that front. So for now, the Innova Crysta definitely wins the shootout but what is to be noted is that the Marazzo is a very serious threat to the Innova Crysta, at least for now. Below is an image gallery of the Mahindra Marazzo.

Mahindra Marazzo Launch interior
Mahindra Marazzo Launch infotainment screen shark
Mahindra Marazzo Launch engine

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