Car manufacturers set to increase prices in New Year

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With the advent of the New Year carmakers have geared up to raise the prices of their vehicles. Almost all the manufacturers will increase the prices of their vehicles from 1-3%, based on their own logic and reasons (higher input cost, blah!). So if you are looking for a bargain, rush to the car dealership of your choice now. Chevrolet, in particular is running an attractive scheme for its Beat for the month of December.
The price hike will range between 3000-5000 for the small cars and will be restricted primarily to the models which have been around for some time. For example, Toyota will be raising the prices for all its models except the Etios, the prices for which were only recently announced. Similarly Tata will not increase the prices for its Nano and Aria, as both are new models. The price rise will be across the board, and everyone from Hyundai to Honda will join the fest to get us poorer. Act fast, and get you baby home, unless you want to wait till the New year for a better resale value when you eventually decide to sell it.

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