[Can’t wait for R25?] Remember these official modifications for Yamaha R15?

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The Yamaha R25 is among the most awaited bikes in India today. While all of us got excited to a great extent when Yamaha Motor Co. unveiled the R25 concept late last year, the very fact that it is taking a bit too long (or is it that we are just being too impatient? Probably, both) to come up with the production spec model has quite dampened our spirits. To an extent, where we’ve started wondering if us having wet dreams about the R25 is really justified. (CLICK HERE to read why the Yamaha R25 might not be worth the wait). True, a handful of Yamaha R25 production model images surfaced recently, thereby indicating that the bike isn’t really a dream too distant into the future but still, the bike is still around a year away from us. And till then, the most performance oriented Yamaha bike in India is the R15, which is a hugely capable product but is getting a bit long in the tooth now. What’s even worse is that bikes like the Pulsar 200NS, which cost considerably lesser, rate better in the engine power stakes. True, you might still be lethally fast on a R15 on a race track but that isn’t all that great a trade off for the straight line, on road, performance. Hence, need for the hour really is a bike that is as much at home on the autobahns and during traffic light GPs as it is when apex hunting. Yes, here is where the R25 needs to step in but then again, as we’ve been saying, it is still months away from us. But all is not exactly lost for Yamaha loyalists. Interested to know why? Read On. . .

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yamaha r15 daytona kit

As a refresher of sorts, allow me to remind you that back when launching the R15, Yamaha India also launched a handful of performance parts for their flagship model. While these modifications for Yamaha R15 don’t make the bike as fast as some of the faired 250cc models out there, they sure are enough to act as good appetizers, till we can finally go bonkers over the R25 production model. These parts, coming from Daytona, have been listed below, in the list of official modifications for Yamaha R15. Check them out-

Drive Sprockets-

yamaha r15 daytona kit 2

Drive Chain:

yamaha r15 daytona kit 3

Brake Master Cylinder:

yamaha r15 daytona kit 4

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Racing ECU:

yamaha r15 daytona kit 5

High Throttle Kit:

yamaha r15 daytona kit 6

Petal Disc Brake:

yamaha r15 daytona kit 7

Racing Exhaust:

yamaha r15 daytona kit 8

Support Front Disc Brake Pad:

yamaha r15 daytona kit 9

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