Five really simple Bajaj Pulsar 220 modifications

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Arguably among the most exciting Indian performance bikes of its times, the Bajaj Pulsar 220 continues to enjoy quite a fan following. However, there is no denying the fact that the bike is considerably dated now and the advent of the new Pulsar 200NS has made the 220 look all the more dull and old. While the 220 no longer enjoys the great sales performance it did back when it made an entry into the Indian performance bike market, it still is being picked up by those who want a faired motorcycle that has enough torque, decent ride quality and an excellent headlamp! All this, along with decent wind protection from the fairing and cheap spares from Bajaj, has helped the bike become an obvious choice for those looking for a reasonably powerful mile muncher.

We do have many friends who are happy owners of the 220. Heck, even we have a 2009 220F in our garage and have been pretty satisfied with the bike’s performance so far. Like we said above, we do agree that age has caught up with the 220 and there are several better bikes on sale today. However, we haven’t yet given up on the old horse and have come up with five really simple Bajaj Pulsar 220 modifications that have done fairly well in making our bike stand out from the plethora of 220s out there. These Bajaj Pulsar 220 modifications are really minor in nature and haven’t really made a dent in our pocket. If executed well, these mods can sure inject some freshness into your aging Bajaj Pulsar 220 too.

Pulsar 220 Modification #1; HID Headlamps

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The Pulsar 220 already comes bestowed with excellent headlamps, which in our books at least, have become the benchmark in its segment. However, this hasn’t kept us from plonking in a HID bulb into that projector setup, all of which has translated into purely amazing illumination of the road! Bajaj Pulsar 220 6000K H7 High Intensity Discharge kit can cost anywhere around INR 2000-2500, and goes a long way in further improving the already terrific headlamps. A must have for the proverbial tourers, we say!

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Pulsar 220 Modification #2; High Flow Air Filter

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Not happy with the way your P220 sounds? Want it to become more free-revvin’? A high flow air filter is what you need! These air filters, while not giving any real improvement in terms of power, go a long way in bestowing the 220 with a meaty sound note, along with making the engine a wee bit more free revving. There is a wide range of performance air filters available for as less as INR 400 to as much as INR 3500. However, beware of Chinese copies, which do more harm than good. Also, installing an air filter warrants upjetting the carb. Here is where trouble arises, for the 220’s UCAL 32D is currently the biggest carb available in India and one needs a custom-made main jet for upjetting purposes. Nothing, a good mechanic can’t fabricate.

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Pulsar 220 Modification #3; More Grip!

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Last gen Bajaj Pulsars aren’t really known for their handling prowess and while the 220 did get a better (read: double cradle) frame and longer swingarm, it wasn’t a really sharp apex hunting tool. However, the 220 is definitely an improvement over the P180 UG3 and is not all that reluctant with corner carving. The P220 comes factory fitted with MRF Zappers/Eurogrips, which while not being bad, aren’t all that great with sticking to the tarmac. Hence, a tyre upgrade is surely warranted if you want to improve 220’s handling. Thanks to the 17 inch wheels, there are variety of options available and you can surely go for relatively cheap Michelin Pilot Sporty (above) if you don’t wish to spend Pirelli Sport Demon (below) kind of money.

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Pulsar 220 Modification #4; Rear Seat Cowl

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There are quite a few bike design/styling groups, which have come up with rear seat cowl for the Pulsar 220. While this small addition won’t make you go any faster, it surely ups the styling quotient of the machine. You can contact Autologue Designs, if you fancy a rear seat cowl like the one you see in the images here. You can get it painted in any shade/scheme you like and it is easy to attach/detach it to/from the bike.

bajaj-pulsar-220-modifications-images (4)

Pulsar 220 Modification #5; Rear Number Plate Bracket

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Another really quick visual mod is getting the number plate bracket of P135LS/P200NS to replace the 220’s plastic mudguard. However, worth a  mention here is that getting rid of the mud guard is not just illegal but also not good if you like you bike dirt-free. However, you can always go for a 200NS-like tyre hugger once you’ve installed this sporty looking number plate bracket. This bracket here costs less than INR 250 and can be installed by your local mechanic, who will need to fabricate two metal mounts for proper installation.

So, what do you have to say about these simple yet effective Bajaj Pulsar 220 modifications? Do you have some more of such mods to suggest? Do send the details and images to and we’ll feature your ideas in this list we have here.

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  • Jerrin Samuel says:

    if i change my rear tire size. will it affect my riding…………………………………………!

  • Hi Vikram,
    You can get all of these from any shop that sells car and bike accessories.

  • Vikram Mehta says:

    Brother…..from where can I get all these items

  • Vikram Mehta says:

    Hello….I have a pulsar 220. i want to upgread my bike..need help to get a way….

  • Rahul says:

    Company services are just waste. Regularly change engine oil at 25k ~ 30k.
    Change your clutch.. Replace with new friction plate..preassure plate and 2 centre peices… Cost about 2k (with labour charge) and you are good to go..