Blue Link by Hyundai – Five Unique Features

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The first compact SUV by Hyundai, the Venue is ready for action in the Indian market. Called the first connected car of the country, the Hyundai Venue offers a unique BlueLink technology, which can perform a number of functions for your convenience. This system can perform as many as 33 functions, 10 of which have been made specifically for the Indian market. Out of these 33 features, here our top 5 favourites, which are quite unique for cars from this segment, do read further ahead.

Hyundai Venue Front

Remote Climate Control

Aren’t we all afraid of entering our cars after they have spent as little as 15 minutes in the sun? With the government banning sun protection films as well, there seems to be no possible way of preventing yourself from getting baked in the hot oven your car becomes. If you happen to own a Venue, you could use the BlueLink technology to start the climate control system of the car, maintaining a crisp temperature on the inside, minutes before you enter. Now, you would not need to spend time looking for shade while parking.

Car Sharing

The BlueLink technology also gives you the ability to share your car with friends and family. With the BlueLink app, one can gain access to the car. This would prove to be a boon in instances where a person you know can take your venue without you having to go to the person and hand over the keys.

Hyundai Venue Rear

Stolen Vehicle Tracking

In a very unlikely situation when your Venue gets stolen, you have nothing to worry about. The Venue comes with a tracker, which will let you know exactly where the car is located if stolen. One would think that thieves are smart enough to disable this safety feature but that too, is not possible, since the Venue would come with a tamper-proof eSIM relaying all this important information to the BlueLink app.

Stolen Vehicle Immobilisation

As mentioned above, you can already track your vehicle in case it is stolen. However, if you have the DCT variant of the car, you get an additional option to immobilise the car. In the case, no matter how hard the thief tries, the engine shall not turn on and the thief will have to let the car go and flee. This will ensure that your car is not used for illegal purposes and even if stolen, would not be able to move.

DTC Check

With the number of complex electronic components in a car on the rise, it has become easier for mechanics to solve and pinpoint a problem in a car. However, the tools required to do so are quite expensive and that is why the use of such tools is limited only to authorised service centres. With the Venue, you can do it yourself as the BlueLink technology will offer a DTC check tool informing you about all the errors and faults, if any, in the vehicle.

Hyundai Venue cabin and interior

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Apart from these, the BlueLink will offer a host of more functions. The first connected SUV, the Venue will be offered with a total of three engine options, two petrol and 1 diesel. The petrol motors, a 1-litre turbocharged unit is good for 120 PS and an 83 PS 1.2-litre unit is also on offer. The former engine will also be offered with a quick shifting dual clutch transmission. The 0 PS 1.4-litre will be the only diesel on offer and will be paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox. Linked below is a walkaround video of this SUV, do have a look and stay tuned for more news on the Venue.

Watch – Hyundai Venue Blue Link Tech Explained