Know More About The Upcoming Hyundai Venue SUV And Its BlueLink Tech

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With the success of the Creta, Hyundai has raised expectations for their next SUV. To be called the Venue, Hyundai just released a few initial sketches of the SUV. By the looks of it, the Hyundai Venue compact SUV seems to have the presence to slug it out with competitors like the Nexon. However, there’s more to the Venue than its appearance and as things unfold, we now have more information about its BlueLink technology.  What could possibly help the Venue become a game changer in this segment, BlueLink makes use of an eSIM that will come fitted with the car to enable a host of connected activities. Let us take this time to learn more about this rather new feature which will debut with this brand new Hyundai.

Hyundai BlueLink


The BlueLink technology will offer a total of 33 features, many of which have been made specifically for the Indian audience. These features can further be broken down into 7 subcategories – safety, security, remote access, vehicle relationship management, location-based services, alert services and artificial intelligence. Read ahead for a break down of what each and every aspect of this BlueLink technology is capable of. For convenience, the SOS, RSA & BlueLink button will be integrated into the inbuilt in Room Mirror


Hyundai Venue BlueLink safety

The safety aspect of the Bluelink technology is concerned with the safety of the occupants of the car in case of a mishap. This aspect of the BlueLink system is capable of

  • Sending out an SOS cry
  • Provide roadside assistance
  • Provide auto crash notifications and assistance
  • Send out a panic notification in case of an emergency


Hyundai Venue BlueLink security

With the occupants’ safety out of the way, the BlueLink technology will also look after your car when you are not nearby. As part of this security feature, the Venue can do the following:

  • Notify you if your vehicle is stolen
  • Immobilise the stolen vehicle
  • Finally, track the stolen vehicle

Remote Accessibility

Hyundai Venue BlueLink Remote

Now that we are in the 21st century, the car key is becoming obsolete. Thanks to BlueLink Technology, one could have remote access to the car and control a lot of things which include:

  • Engine start/stop
  • Climate control
  • Door lock and unlock
  • Horn and light control
  • Locate the car
  • Vehicle status check
  • Share the car

Vehicle Relationship Management

Hyundai Venue BlueLink VRM

This aspect of the BlueLink technology will help the customers to check the health of their car. Through this feature, customers will be able to

  • Receive a monthly health report
  • Get driving behaviour information
  • Check the DTC status of the car, manually as well as automatically

Location Based Services

Hyundai Venue BlueLink LBS

External factors can and will change with a change in location, the BlueLink technology will provide you with a number of services that change with your location, they are

  • Push Map to the car from App
  • Push Maps by Call Center
  • Live POI Search
  • Live Traffic Information
  • Share The Destination
  • Live Car Tracking
  • Destination Set in Link with Schedule
  • Location Sharing

Alert Services

Hyundai Venue BlueLink Alert services

Wouldn’t you like to be alerted every time something is going down in your car? Hyundai Venue will take care of that with this BlueLink technology offering you alerts in the following situations

  • Geo-fence Alert
  • Speed Alert
  • Time Fencing Alert
  • Valet Alert
  • Idle Alert

Artificial Intelligence

Hyundai Venue BlueLink AI

Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short has been the talk of the town in recent times. This self-learning system of the BlueLink has been already trained to pick up on the Indian English accent and will become more familiar with your voice, the more you use it.

Hyundai Venue front quarter camouflaged

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To be unveiled on the 17th of this month, the Venue is rumoured to come with three engine options, 2 petrol motors and an oil burner. With such premium looks and premium equipment on offer, expect this car to be a bit more pricey than its rivals, around the INR 8 to INR 12 lakh mark. Below are some images of the initial sketches of this car for you to see, do have a look.

Hyundai Venue interior
Hyundai Venue rear quarter
Hyundai Venue front quarter