Autonomous Tata Hexa Begins Testing In U.K.

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Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC), a fully owned subsidiary of Tata Motors, has begun testing an autonomous version of the Hexa SUV in the UK. The model is part of the UK Autodrive project which also included a Range Rover Sport and a Ford Mondeo.


The recent trial runs were conducted in Coventry, UK and the trial runs in the future will be expanded to Milton Keynes in the first half of next year. The trial runs not only focus on the autonomous technology but also for tests of Emergency Vehicle Warning which will detect signals from emergency vehicles in order to make way for them. Another test includes the Intersection Priority Management which decides on which connected self-driving car will cross the intersection first.

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A few other technologies which are being tested include emergency braking alert, emergency vehicle warnings and connected traffic lights. These trials will try to explore the benefit of having cars that can ‘talk’ to other cars in their surroundings.


Apart from this new development of testing the autonomous Hexa, TMETC has also been working on developing Electric vehicles (EV’s). Earlier this year, the company unveiled the Tiago EV concept and the company will soon deliver a large order of Tigor EV’s to the Indian government.

Autonomous Tata Hexa testing in UK (4)
Autonomous Tata Hexa testing in UK (3)
Autonomous Tata Hexa testing in UK (2)
Autonomous Tata Hexa testing in UK (1)

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