Auto Expo 2018: UM Electric Cruiser Will Be Called Renegade THOR


Manufacturers are now turning attention towards developing electric vehicles and the latest two-wheeler maker to join the bandwagon is UM Motorcycles.

Previously, UM Motorcycles had announced that it will unveil the world’s first electric cruiser in India during the Auto Expo 2018. In an official communication from UMLohia Two Wheelers, CEO Rajeev Mishra stated,“We will also be unveiling the world’s first electric geared high speed cruiser and a newly designed 230cc cruiser which will showcase the prowess of UM Motorcycles at the Auto Expo.”


In latest updates, the two-wheeler brand has announced that the upcoming cruiser will be named after the God of Thunder, THOR. Officially christened as Renegade Thor, the electric cruiser will be unveiled on February 8, 2018 at the biyearly motoring event. The details about the electric cruiser are scarce at the moment and we’ve got absolutely no technical specifications about the motorcycle.

The electric cruiser will be unveiled on February 8, 2018. We’ll be covering the event LIVE so don’t forget to tune in for all the latest updates.

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