Auto Expo 2018: DC Design TCA Is A V8 Powered 400 bhp Mid-Engined Sportscar Ready To Rock The Show


In the year 2012, DC Design created some fast ripples at the Auto Expo by taking the covers off India’s first proper sportscar. Nearly six years later, the swashbuckling design house is ready to rock the show with the TCA, their new mid-engined sports car. It is being said that the car gets its name from Titanium, Carbon fibre and Aluminium, which have been used in its construction.

The image teased by the design house reveals a chiselled piece of metal which appears to be bigger, longer and wider than the Avanti. With its humongous wheel arches kissing the hood up front and the quarter panel at the rear, by the looks of it, their newest creation looks ravishingly Italian and a more serious product in comparison to their previous attempt. It cuts a more fluid and cleaner picture which could easily fit into a postcard from the Dolomites.


Where the Avanti was powered by a modest 2.0-litre, four-cylinder engine which cranked out 250 bhp, the TCA ups the ante and will be propelled by a 4.0-litre V8, good for 400 bhp+! Like a proper sports car, power will be sent to the rear wheels. But it is being said that the motor will be paired with a 7-speed torque converter, which does dial down our excitement a wee bit.

The step-up in power and all those lightweight materials should translate into a sub 5 second 0 – 100 kph time and a top speed to match those looks. To be unveiled on February 7th at the 2018 Auto Expo, the DC Design TCA is expected to be priced near the INR 40 lakh mark. For vanishing completely from all designs, we’d love it if pop-up headlights make a comeback with this car. We’ll bring you all the details with tons of pictures once the car has been unveiled at the Expo. Stay Tuned!

With inputs from: ACI

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