ASDC Organizes A Council Meet In New Delhi

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The first Sector Skill Council of India, ASDC (Automotive Skills Development Council), had recently organised a Partner’s Forum 2019 in New Delhi. The objective of this forum was focused on discussing the current scenario of the skill industry, the best practices which are already prevailing in this sector, the challenges and relevant suggestions required and to understand the opportunities available to provide a high-quality training program with credible evaluations and certification.

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The entire digitization process will empower potential candidates, even from remote areas to be well-skilled. This process is expected to enhance employment opportunities with listed job portals and also upskill the workforce through online training. The digital transformation will ensure a highly-secure and transparent form of assessment and certification. In one of the sessions, E&Y (Ernst and Young), one of the largest professional services firms, shared their insight on the automotive skill gap. The speaker reported some suggestions on the process update by E&Y to bridge this skill gap.

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During the day-long event, the spokesmen highlighted the partnership between ASDC and TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) iON which is trying to address the hurdles and challenges in Digital Transformation. Digitization is a very important way of progress and advancement in the modern world. Apart from the ASDC training partners, the Automobile OEMs, Automotive Component Manufacturers and Individual Training partners were also present at the Forum. The event progressed towards the end with a round of panel discussion where all the industry partners shared their expectations from ASDC certified candidates.

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Concluding the event, Mr Nikunj Sanghi, Chairman, ASDC, said, “I thank each and every partner for being a part of this forum today and discussing various aspects of skilling in the automobile industry. It is imperative for us to keep pace with the dynamic shifts in the landscape of the Indian Automotive Industry, where skilling plays a very important role. We need to focus on imparting skills, which are at par with the industry standards. But it will only be possible when the entire process is well refined and is led by successful mentors. This, if possible, will make young professionals ready for the challenges and demands of the industry.’’