Akrapovic Rolls Out Slip-on Titanium Exhaust For The 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa

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If you are in the market hunting for the 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa, we have got some good news for you. Most of the superbike owners opt for an aftermarket exhaust unit right after they bring their beloved steed home. The reasons are many. A dedicated aftermarket exhaust sheds weight, brings more ponies on the table and more importantly, accentuates the aural drama even further. Akrapovic is considered to be one of the top dogs in the aftermarket exhaust industry and the company has now introduced a new slip-on exhaust system for the new Suzuki Hayabusa.

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Don’t get us wrong, the stock unit of the 2021 Hayabusa looks bulbous, not ugly but the Akrapovic unit looks sleeker and sportier as well.

2021 Suzuki Hayabusa akrapovic exhaust

Coated in a black titanium finish, it is carved out of high-grade stainless steel. It also sports carbon fibre heat shields. The Busa is all about carrying mind-numbing speeds down the straights and aerodynamics certainly has a huge role to play in this regard. A slight miscalculation here and there and it might result in screwing up the stock aerodynamics setup. Keeping the same in mind, Akrapovic has paid special attention in making it as aerodynamic as possible. By installing the Akrapovič Slip-On Titanium exhaust, your ‘Busa will drop an entire 3.9 kilograms, or nearly 8.6 pounds. That’s a pretty impressive decrease, considering that it’s just a slip-on.

2021 Suzuki Hayabusa akrapovic exhaust (1)

Ready to crunch some more numbers? Thanks to the new exhaust unit, there is an additional 1.6 bhp and 1.9 Nm gained over the 187.3 bhp of power and 150 Nm peak torque pumped out from its 1,340 cc, inline four-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine which is offered as stock. Moreover, it is already Euro5 compliant and no engine remapping is necessary to reap its benefits. Simple plug and play wizardry here. While the sound may change, the noise level doesn’t differ from the stock 91.9 dB, if that’s a concern.

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2021 Suzuki Hayabusa akrapovic exhaust (2)

The black shade of the exhaust makes sure that it comes out as a sporty looking unit while also making sure that it looks nice irrespective of the colourway you choose. What’s to be noted here is that the company is yet to announce if the unit will be made available in India, or not.

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