10 Year Old Diesel Cars To Be Deregistered In Delhi

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Delhi has topped the list of the most polluted cities in India. Around the festive season, the rate of air pollution rises so high, that the Delhi government has to shut down schools and colleges, and has to issue caution notices for people getting out of their houses. In winters, the situation is worsened by the formation of smog. This leads to lowered visibility and thus, the number of accidents on the road goes up. Time and again the government has been making schemes to curb this problem. This time a new plan has surfaced and it is not good news for diesel owners. Delhi will start deregistering diesel vehicles older than 10-years from January 1st.

Delhi Pollution

What’s next?

This order by the Delhi Transport Department is in sync with the National Green Tribunal’s (NGT) orders. In 2014, the directions issued by NGT stated that there will be restrictions on registration and plying of petrol vehicles more than 15-years old and diesel vehicles more than 10-years old. In 2016, a subsequent modification was done to this order stating that first all the diesel vehicles older than 15-years must be scrapped. Now, in light of the present pollution status of Delhi, the state has issued more elaborate rules and regulations for these vehicles;

  1. From the 1st of January 2022, Delhi will deregister all diesel vehicles which are older than 10-Years.
  2. The state will issue NOCs to petrol vehicles not older than 15-years and to diesel vehicles not older than 10-Years so that they can be re-registered in some other state (Not inside NCR).
  3. NOC can be issued for any state, provided that the desired state does not have any restriction on re-registration on such vehicles.

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Delhi Traffic

These orders could become a problem for some owners, but the Delhi government has also provided a solution. Just a few days back, the state said that it will allow the fitment of EV kits to diesel and petrol vehicles. Owners with older cars now have the option to convert their cars into electric vehicles. There are many off-market brands that offer retro fitment of EV kits, then we also have more standardized brands like Northway Motorsport among many others that offer high-quality parts and performance. This not only helps the environment but being an EV it also reduces the running cost to be bared by the owners.

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