Watch Verstappen and Gasly Take The Aston Martin DB5 Around Silverstone

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Called the pinnacle of motorsport racing, Formula 1 goes to the iconic Silverstone circuit in the UK this weekend. Silverstone has been the home of the British GP since 1948. Britain also is home to Aston Martin, who together with Redbull have created a very competitive team. Over the years, the brand Aston Martin has become synonymous with James Bond, the flamboyant secret agent. Coincidently, F1 will be conducted the 1007th race at the iconic track this Sunday, so the team of Aston Martin Redbull Racing decided to add some the 007 stickers on their race cars this weekend. Moreover, ahead of the race, both their drivers – Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly took one of the most iconic James Bond cars, the DB5 around this race track, have a look.

Aston Martin DB5 on Silverstone

The DB5 was first seen in the iconic James Bond movie, Goldfinger, which came out back in 1964. The car had a number of cool gadgets added to it by the Q department of the British Intelligence Agency in the movie. The car came with an ejector seat, which Gasly jokes about in the video, a bulletproof screen, smoke generators and much more. The car was also seen to hold a champagne chiller so that our man James Bond could enjoy a drink once he finished killing the bad guys. Apart from Goldfinger, the DB5 is also seen in other movies like The Cannonball Run(1981), Tomorrow Never Dies(1998) and not too long ago in Casino Royale.

Verstappen and Gasly in a AM DB5

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Coming back to the video, it is fun to see two young drivers, the future generation of F1 drive such an old car. We can hear the two gentlemen mentioning the lack of power steering makes it rather difficult to steer the car. Pierre Gasly took the wheel first. The Frenchman has not been able to perform up to the mark ever since he joined Aston Martin Redbull this year. However, going by his performance at the free practice at Silverstone, one can expect a better result out of him. Max Verstappen, who won the last GP took the wheel after his teammate. This young Dutchman is currently third in the drivers’ championship and is indeed a future champion. While we all wait for an intense race tomorrow, have a look at the DB5 going around this circuit.