This Modified Honda City Is All About Its Teal And Its Cobra

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For some, it’s all about that bass. For the more colourful, it’s all about the shade. In the case of this modified Honda City, it’s the colour teal. It appears that the person who tweaked his car’s appearance is so much in love with this colour, the whole thing was probably dipped in a pool of Teal with its doors open. Because it’s not just the body panels, but the cabin suffered from the same fate too. Oh and do not miss the prancing horse on the front grille. And because one isn’t enough, there’s two of them charging towards the Honda logo.

modified honda city front three quarters

Besides the paint, the fascia flaunts its very American bumper where the panels have been extended for the fish-like mouth to swallow more air than the engine needs. The bonnet was perhaps refabricated for this cosmetic surgery and like most mod jobs, aftermarket lights were fitted to make it all look cool. On the sides, the door’s sheet metal was pinched and ironed for a boomerang-shaped design and then some side skirts were added at the bottom to complete the after-market picture. The alloy wheels for some reason are wrapped in a tall profile rubber, which sort of kills the teal’s glow.

modified honda city rear

What happened at the back? The boot lid has been added with an integrated spoiler, tail lights are smoked and the bumper gets a twin-pipe treatment at each end. We don’t know if both are functional. In the middle, a diffuser adds more glitz and when it gets dark, this Honda City lights up its underside with a lot of Neon.

modified honda city cabin view

But the actual magic happens inside, where if you spend much time, you might suffer from teal sickness. The seats, the upholstery, the dashboard, even the floor, the steering column and the wheel itself is covered in the same colour! And if that doesn’t take your breath away, the gear knob is a Cobra. Yes! Snake Cobra!

modified honda city cockpit

And for some reason, the lower part of the centre console and the central tunnel are covered in a shade of aluminium foil, all the way back till the rear armrest. And because the man who loves his car also loves his friends just as much, there is no space for a 5th passenger.

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modified honda city night sky roof

Still not impressed? The roof is lit for a night-sky effect and the infotainment system is a huge touchscreen which could make some televisions sit and take notice. Even the damn IRVM is covered in teal! Want more? Embedded below is a video courtesy of Speedy Singh who will tell you more about the car and its owner.

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