Big WagonR And New Santro Fight A Custom Battle

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Everybody loves to modify their cars, to add a personal flavour to their rides. However, quite often, it is not quite feasible to modify your car the way you like it. In such a case, photoshop comes to your rescue, which gives you the freedom of doing whatever you want to do to the car. Allow us to showcase two such examples, modified in the virtual world, ready to blow your minds away. The first example is the big new WagonR finished in a shade of blue. The small little hatchback is followed by its competitor, the Hyundai Santro.

Modified Maruti Suzuki WagonR

The WagonR has been overhauled with a custom body kit. Inspired by the Japanese Domestic Market cars, the WagonR gets a slammed appearance. The wheels, are not only larger but also get some camber. The wheels are also wide, which have to be covered with flared wheel arches for a more aggressive appearance. The front end is not only low but gets an extended splitter, which would help with cutting the air. The look is completed with a rather large rear spoiler. The top, mirrors and pillars get a blacked-out treatment, complementing the floating roof design. Stickers from various performance brands complete the appearance of this track-ready thing.

Modified Hyundai Santro YSD

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Coming to the other car, the Hyundai Santro. Just like the WagonR, this Korean car too gets a widebody kit. Unlike the WagonR, the Santro is not slammed to the ground. The wheels are finished in a shade of gold and are larger and wider than the stock wheels Hyundai offers. The front end is modified for a completely new look, complemented by a large hexagonal shaped grille. The rear is also equally dramatic with a blacked out tailgate and centrally place exhaust outlet. The tailights too carry a different appearance with clear lens. The large wing present on the rear is mounted on the lower end of the tailgate. The roof, pillars and bonnet too get a blacked-out treatment, just like the tailgate.

Image Source: Sejwal Yogi on Instagram

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