Adding More Class To The Mercedes-Benz V-Class, DC Style

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Along with compact SUVs, the MPV segment is witnessing some hot action in the Indian car space. Filled with many new choices, it used to culminate with the Innova Crysta as the topmost choice in that segment. However, for loaded cats who wanted more, Mercedes took the responsibility and strategically launched the V-Class is the Indian market. But the buck doesn’t stop there if one wishes for even more. Enter DC Design, who did what they do best, by adding more opulence to the existing comfort and luxury of the van.

V Class blue

Even though the Mercedes V-Class is an MPV, it is only fitted with 6 seats as stock. But DC had different plans for this car. Their version of the V-Class is a 4-seater, which gets only 2 seats at the rear, along with an isolated cabin. The upholstery seems to be covered in the finest hide, while the interior gets a dual-tone colour scheme along with glossy-wooden inserts. For entertainment, it appears that an LED screen might pop out from the panelled partition and can be controlled from the touchscreen display in the centre arm-rest.


Since precise details of what has been done aren’t available, we’d like to believe that the reclining rear captain seats get extended calf support for enhanced comfort. The roof and side-panels seem to be fitted with LED lighting to improve the overall ambience of the car, while the wooden floor lends the cabin with home-like warmth. The solid blinds on the window along with the cabin partition help in increasing privacy. The other features which will most likely make the cut, but cannot be seen in the post could include a mini-fridge, a set of soft cushions, foldout tables, storage spaces, vanity mirror and reading lights.

Mercedes Benz V Class (2)

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In terms of power and performance, the DC V-Class might not get any mechanical changes and will carry forward the same 4-cylinder diesel engine which produces 163 HP at 3,800 rpm and 380 Nm of torque at 1,400 rpm and is mated to a Mercedes 7G-Tronic Plus automatic gearbox. Even though the V-Class is an MPV, it does 0-100 kmph in just 10.9 seconds, which is fast compared to any basic family sedan in India. It can hit a top speed of 195 kmph, despite weighing 3.1-tons. The exact cost of this customization is not available, but since the V-Class is priced between 70 – 85 lakh rupees, along with this modification, it will easily cross the 1 crore mark.

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