Lockdown Fitness For Motorcylists – Our Video Interview With Aravind KP From TVS Racing


Now, we all know these are unprecedented times and everything around us looks gloomy. With the number of Covid-19 cases on the rise, even the future doesn’t seem so bright as of now. So what does one do to keep themselves in a positive frame of mind in the midst of all the negativity around? Well, you can’t venture out for sure during these times so any outdoor activity is taken off the list.

Now, this is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your family. But still, there is a lot of time left in hand throughout the day which one can utilise to improve upon their fitness. In fact, in a mundane routine, people might not give stress to their fitness on a daily basis. Hence, it is a perfect time to get yourself in shape.

To catch the full interaction, watch the video:

Now people might wonder if the gyms are closed and one cannot go out for a jog, then how do they keep themselves fit staying within an enclosure. Worry not, for we have brought some valuable insights from a pro rally racer, Dakar rider, no less.  In this interaction with Mr Aravind KP, India’s second-ever  Dakar finisher, we discuss a range of topics from a good diet to exercises during the lockdown.

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For the uninitiated, Aravind KP is part of the TVS Racing team. He is India’s second finisher in Dakar Rally and one of the best professional racing athletes from the country. In this video, we discuss with him, how to keep ourselves fit while being within the confines of our home. We also discuss what to eat and what exercises to incorporate into our training.

During this interaction, Aravind tells us about his experience in lockdown and how he is coping with it. He also adds that he has missed riding for a long time since he has been on recovery from his injury in September last year. He remarks that he is in a good place now and starting to get back to his fitness routines and should be back in a full swing in a month or so. He also shared his insights about what to consume and how much to consume in your daily diet so that one could remain in good shape.


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